Thomas Berkley Opens the Doors of the ATM Industry to Budding Entrepreneurs through ATM Freedom University

Strange as it may seem, ATMs can actually become a profitable business. What most people don’t know is how to actually start their own ATM business, causing their interest to wane and forcing them to miss out on a rather lucrative investment. Fortunately, Air Force Veteran Thomas Berkley has primed himself for bringing his knowledge and expertise to the general population educating aspiring entrepreneurs on how to build a thriving ATM business through ATM Freedom University.

Today, ATMs are placed at locations that give consumers a sense of convenience regarding their purchases and transactions. Thomas Berkely himself is a prominent figure in the ATM industry. He has a portfolio of over 50 ATMs all across Ohio and has built a seven-figure company and multiple six-figure companies throughout his business tenure. 

ATM Freedom University is the brainchild of a world-class entrepreneur, teaching aspirants how to make passive income using ATMs and building these businesses from the ground up through the brand’s “Done For You” service. Through his celebrated business acumen, Thomas Berkley became a ClickFunnels Two Comma Club award winner, and he hopes to further build on that success in the coming years.

Thomas Berkley managed to dive into the ATM industry during his enlistment in the Air Force when he was merely 18 years old. There, he met his first business mentor, who came from a small town back in Ohio. They immediately bonded over their shared passion for business, leading Berkley’s mentor to share some of his business knowledge with the young upstart.

“He told me that an individual could own the exact same ATMs that banks did, minus the cute coat of paint. He took me under his wing and helped me start my own ATM business right out of the military, and everything skyrocketed for me from there,” shared Thomas Berkley. 

In order to put his knowledge to good use, Thomas Berkley created his first YouTube video in 2018. In the video, he discussed with his subscribers the ways how one could start their own ATM business. The video gained an overwhelming response, with numerous subscribers asking him to keep pumping out the videos. Naturally, people began requesting Berkley if he could do everything for them for a fee. Thus, ATM Freedom University was born.

As of this writing, ATM Freedom University has helped over 600 students build successful ATM businesses. Through the brand’s renowned “Done For You” service, ATM Freedom University has helped entrepreneurs gain passive income through a simple process. First, they bring in a new client, onboard them, and find a location within 60 mins of the client’s home. Then, Berkley and his team will negotiate the contract with the business owner, ship the ATM to the location, send a technician to meet the client and install, program, and service the machine. 

Finally, the technician will teach the client how to manage the machine while it’s up and running. “The whole process is completely hands-off,” shared Thomas Berkley. There is no other company out there that does what ATM Freedom University does best. “We’re the only company that negotiates contracts for our students, and we’re the only ones who have techs all over the US that will install, program, and service client’s machines for them,” explained Berkley. 

Fueled by his love for educating and leading others, Thomas Berkley has led ATM Freedom University to greater heights. Thanks to Berkley and his esteemed company, true financial freedom is within arm’s reach. And it’s exciting to see how much they will grow in the years to come.


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