This Power Couple Began a Mobile Franchise and You Can Too!

This Power Couple Began a Mobile Franchise and You Can Too! (3)
Photo Courtesy: Dave and Bryony Mikita

By: Joshua Finley

Entrepreneurship is a difficult journey, and success stories often come from those who combine hard work, dedication, and a clear vision for the future. Bryony Mikita, alongside her husband Dave, stands as a shining example of such success. Their journey, rooted in determination and resilience, led them to establish a thriving Australia-based cleaning business, Clear Out, which they eventually expanded into a franchise model. Through their experience, Bryony shares invaluable insights into starting a mobile franchise.

From Small Business to Mobile Franchise

Dave and Bryony Mikita’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2009 when Bryony founded Clear Out out of necessity. Facing challenges in re-entering the traditional workforce due to familial responsibilities, Bryony took matters into her own hands. With determination and a drive for success, she laid the foundation for what would become a prosperous venture. Dave, her husband, joined her journey, bringing his expertise as a tradesman to complement Bryony’s vision.

The early years were full of hard days and long hours. Despite the hurdles, Bryony and Dave’s commitment paid off, and Clear Out quickly grew into a reputable name in the industry. By 2018, they made the pivotal decision to franchise their business, marking a new chapter in their entrepreneurial journey.

This Power Couple Began a Mobile Franchise and You Can Too!

Three Essential Tips for Mobile Franchise Success

The Mikita’s journey offers invaluable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly those venturing into the mobile franchise sector. Drawing from their experience, the Mikita’s highlight three crucial tips for starting a successful mobile franchise:

Be Willing to Work

Franchisors provide a framework for success, but it’s essential to remember that success ultimately hinges on one’s willingness to put in the work. As Bryony emphasizes, “The right formula, marketing, branding, and support are worthless if you aren’t willing to work.” Dedication and diligence are non-negotiable traits for anyone venturing into entrepreneurship.

Customer Service Is a Must

At the heart of any successful business lies exceptional customer service. Bryony emphasizes the need to prioritize customer satisfaction, noting, “Be prepared to please your customer first and foremost. You’re representing your brand!” Clear Out’s success is built on a foundation of trust and reliability, with a commitment to delivering top-notch service to every client.


After over a decade in business, the Mikita’s have done many things incredibly well – but what has led to their continued success is one thing. Commitment. “It’s hard sometimes. Waking up early, working long hours, and not being able to go on a true holiday without checking on the business.” But that commitment has led them to the place they are now. With the systems, processes, and licensing they need, they are now expanding out on their success with franchise opportunities to further expand their business.

This Power Couple Began a Mobile Franchise and You Can Too!
Photo Courtesy: Dave Mikita

Expanding Horizons 

As Bryony and Dave look to the future, their vision extends beyond geographical boundaries. Within the next five years, they aim to expand Clear Out’s franchise footprint throughout Southeast Queensland, with aspirations to venture into interstate markets. Personal goals include transitioning away from day-to-day operations to focus on strategic growth initiatives and achieving a better work-life balance.

Through their journey, Bryony and Dave have exemplified the transformative power of perseverance, innovation, and unwavering dedication. Their story serves as both inspiration and a blueprint for aspiring entrepreneurs embarking on their entrepreneurial endeavors. With a clear vision and a steadfast commitment to excellence, success becomes not just a possibility but an inevitable reality.

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