“The Three Rights:” Rich Lamphere,  Builder and Real Estate DeveloperShares Three Tips for Overcoming Challenges

“The Three Rights:” Rich Lamphere,  Builder and Real Estate DeveloperShares Three Tips for Overcoming Challenges
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Rich Lamphere,  builder real estate developer in California, has a story that is equal parts inspiring and a bit unsettling. Rising from humble beginnings as a high school quarterback in a small town, Lamphere had several different career opportunities before landing on his life passion – construction and development. With over three decades of experience, including battling through the recession of the 90s and the 2008 financial crisisLamphere knows how to overcome major challenges in life and business.. However, his journey was not a smooth ride. In addition to the economic downturns, he also had to battle false accusations of fraud and a prison sentence while trying to stay true to his faith and his family. Today, he stands tall as an embodiment of resilience, having navigated these hardships with unwavering determination and a steadfast belief in his purpose. As he continues to inspire others with his journey, Lamphere shares three crucial tips for overcoming hardship, which he fondly refers to as “Live Right, Be Right, Do Right.”

#1 Live Right: Know Why You’re Alive

“Live for God, your family, your for others.” Lamphere believes in living a life that is enriching, both for oneself and for others. He believes that often society steers us towards chasing materialism, seeking selfish desires and a glorified pursuit of chasing pleasure. This emphasis can be harmful. “Don’t live in a way that is harmful to you or others,” he advises. Central to this guiding principle is having a clear understanding of one’s life goals. Lamphere encourages everyone to ask themselves, “What do you want to accomplish in your life?” When you are clear on the positive change you want to make in your life and the lives of those you affect, then you start making better choices. It’s about making decisions that align with your faith, , your family’s welfare, your wealth and your positive contribution to society.

#2 Be Right: Develop the Right Mindset

This principle centers around authenticity and conviction. “Be true to yourself and follow your convictions,” says Lamphere. When you are clear on why you are alive, you can develop a set of beliefs and convictions that will hold you true to your purpose. “We all have a divine destination, and you have to choose to follow it.” For Lamphere, he believes that starts with developing the right mindset in all areas of your life. “If you’re married, treat your wife and children right, provide, be a protector. There are hundreds of things you need to do, and it starts with developing the right mentality.”

#3 Do Right: Take Actions That Yield Results.

Lastly, and certainly not least, is the principle of “Do Right.” Lamphere underscores the importance of taking action in line with your values and life’s purpose. “It’s easy to create a list of things to do…that’s not the end. You have to take action.” These actions should be your routine. “Every day I wake up, have quiet time, read my Bible, workout,  then get to work. These actions assure I start my day in a way that allows me to fulfill my purpose.” 

Currently, Rich Lamphere is focused on constructing and developing real estate projects.. “My goal is to build a legacy for my family and for generations to come.” 

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