The “symbiosis” of a chemist and an IT specialist became key in the development of the sugaring niche

Sugaring Niche
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The successful collaboration between two specialists from different professional fields resulted in the creation of the largest sugaring company in America: Sugaring Factory. Vera, a qualified chemist with many years of experience in management, and Eva, a competent IT specialist with several businesses under her belt, formed a unique union and created a revolutionary product. We’ll discover how they did this in this interview with the co-founders.

Good afternoon, Vera and Eva. You are the founders of America’s largest sugaring company! Tell us about each of your backgrounds. How did they help you become who you are today?

Vera: Hello! My background largely predetermined my current activities. I previously worked in management and managed a chain of beauty salons. This experience allowed me to understand how a business works from the inside. In addition, I realized another need for salons: high-quality materials and tools. This became the starting point for Eva and I. We decided to create the best cosmetic product to satisfy the needs of beauty studios and clients directly. We began to look for a niche that did not have an established reputation and exclusively positive reviews.

My education also influenced my choice. Initially, I studied chemistry, which helps me a lot now. Later, I decided to explore something different and learned to be a stylist. This is how my career in the beauty industry began. All this helped me become who I am now.

Eva: Good afternoon! I am a lifelong “serial entrepreneur.” When we created the Sugaring Factory, I already had experience starting my own businesses. I supported the business in terms of website creation and maintenance, advertising, formation, and the implementation of business strategies. One of the businesses I owned that gave me a good start was a local network and security company. This company was directly related to my IT education. When you are the owner of a company, you, willingly or unwillingly, begin to understand all the intricacies and nuances of business. Once you try, you will never return to paid work. The same thing happened to me.

Vera and I understood that our knowledge, background, and skills would become a solid basis for a new major business. I also proposed the sugaring niche because this product wasn’t well-known 20 years ago, and the market was not formed. Now, Sugaring Factory is not just the manufacturer of the best sugaring in the USA but also the largest sugaring company whose products are used by more than 70% of salons and companies in America.

Great! You have extensive business backgrounds. Based on this and current trends, how do you view this niche’s prospects?

  Eva: I have repeatedly relied on my strategic abilities in my work. I see far into the future and have a reasonably wide planning horizon. Just as I was right 20 years ago, I am sure that sugaring will continue to be popular in the USA for many, many years to come. This is the most effective and affordable tool in the beauty industry, and as a major manufacturer, the Sugaring Factory makes a daily effort to ensure that this product not only retains its quality but also improves.

Vera: I agree with Eva. In America, we were the first to sell sugar pastes to everyone! Before us, the old-school 20th-century sales system was in effect, which did not allow you to buy from where and how much you wanted. However, we have built a new system and can openly say that the demand for our products has not fallen over time, but only increased.

As far as we know, your production is located in America. Can other interested countries receive your product?

Vera: Yes, of course. We have a convenient website and will soon launch a mobile application where you can order any product and arrange delivery to your home, office, or any other convenient location. As a rule, delivery is carried out no later than 3 working days after the order is placed, but in most cases, even earlier.

Tell us in more detail what functions the new application will have.

Eva: We have a website that is optimized for mobile and computer use. But it was high time for us to create our own mobile application. We finally got around to it because we want to diversify our sales system with various features and bonuses. Mobile applications are the most convenient and easiest platform to implement this. Initially, we decided to optimize the web page for smartphone use and use this as the basis for our application so it can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone. This is a more convenient and efficient way to use the mobile version of the site. The application will soon be available for download in the relevant app stores!

Vera: We understand that the mobile app needs to be improved and made more convenient and attractive, so after launching it, our programmers will simultaneously work to improve its functions, interface, and performance.

The app will contain all the standard attributes of popular marketplaces. The consumer will be able to track their orders, view their purchase history, use bonus programs, and purchase exclusive products that will only be found in the app.

What is your company’s production volume?

Eva: Every year, we increase our production capacity for several reasons. Firstly, there is a regularly increasing demand, and secondly, there is the need to improve equipment. Currently, we are able to produce very decent volumes of 34–35,000 pounds per day!

Vera: I would also like to note that we are the only company that can satisfy particularly large customer requests. We focus on them and try to maintain our production in accordance with their needs.

Which clients are you targeting with such colossal volumes?

Eva: It’s worth talking about our company’s mission here. As our main direction, we went through supplying beauty salons with products, offering free samples to educational institutions, retail sales, and finally, supplying entire brands with goods.

Now, we are mainly approached by brands whose production cannot provide the required volume of sugar pastes, but their reputation and name have already made their consumers fall in love with them! These are young entrepreneurs who want to start a business in a promising area but do not want to deal with the direct production of pastes, their certification and licensing, or the purchasing of expensive equipment and proven materials. This way, we help new players enter the market, develop successfully through a high-quality, in-demand product, and bypass bureaucratic difficulties. We have carried out all these processes ourselves for many years, so we guarantee the quality and safety of the products.

Vera: It’s also worth saying that for some brands, we produce pastes according to their formulas! We always meet our customers halfway and, if necessary, maintain the composition, consistency, aroma, and other parameters of the brand’s products. Thanks to this, entrepreneurs significantly save their resources and incur expenses, mainly on containers, packaging, design, and advertising.

How many employees does the company currently employ to support such large production volumes?

Vera: The Sugaring Factory currently employs about 75–80 employees. These include remote teams: the PR team, designers, content makers, the analytical department, etc. About 20–25 people are involved in the production side. However, their number varies depending on seasonality. For example, during beach season, we hire an additional 10–15 employees on a contract basis. However, this is still a fairly small workforce compared to the average American consumer goods company.

Eva: Employing a small staff was a conscious choice. My IT business taught me that it is impossible to “reproduce” the CEO with their unique approach to business processes. Therefore, we do not strive to recruit a large staff and delegate everything we can to them. There is a certain vision for the company’s development that is unique to Vera and me. We are “perpetual motion machines” of the Sugaring Factory.

Do you have a luxury line among your products? What are the minimum and maximum prices for pastes?

Eva: The cost depends on the product’s volume, properties, and packaging. The minimum price is $17 for a 250 ml jar. We try to maintain reasonable prices even in the luxury sugar-paste segment. Our most expensive but popular line, Bohemia, is produced according to a unique formula we have worked on for 2 years! The first product in the line is a black paste with activated carbon, and the second is a paste with white clay. Devising a formula that retains the essential properties of the pastes while introducing a new beneficial effect proved to be a challenging endeavor. But we did it. The cost of these products is much higher than the cost of standard sugar paste without additives. A 1 kg jar costs about $70.

Is there any global news regarding your company? What goals have you set for yourself?

Vera: Yes, there is. We are launching a new cosmetics production line. This season, we have been actively working on this and have prepared special equipment, and very soon, we will be offering our customers some new products! This spring, we will be able to accept new clients for private label contracts.

Eva: Sugaring in America is a trend. The Sugaring Factory produces high-quality, natural, organic products that are eye-catching. Therefore, our goals continue to be scaling up production and, in the future, perhaps manufacturing and selling a wide variety of cosmetics unrelated to sugaring. I am sure that the Sugaring Factory will undoubtedly be successful in this area! Although we have been engaged in mono-products for many years, we have a considerable background, knowledge, and connections that will allow us to produce and promote new cosmetics successfully.

In addition, we are actively working on new, unique packaging for our products so our cosmetics cannot be confused with any other brand and so that the packaging testifies not only to our name but also to the product being a real luxury! We are in the process of creating exclusive items together with talented designers who previously collaborated with Tiffany.


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