The Sleepy Owl Company Becomes the Pioneering Brand to Revolutionize the Book Reading Experience

The art of storytelling has evolved throughout history, jumping from word-of-mouth to paintings to books to film. Books have been the most consistent and popular medium for stories, remaining with society for centuries. However, the arrival of film and technological innovations have pushed storytelling even further. The Sleepy Owl Company is a brand that strives to utilize these tools, help authors, and content creators breathe life into their works.

The Sleepy Owl Company is an online publishing company by Mekal Smith , who sought to create a platform that gave authors and content creators the tools to bring their stories to life. The company is pioneering the evolution of how stories are told and experienced by intertwining movie elements with the words of books read and enjoyed on electronics.

“No longer are we in a time where we wait for a book to become a cult classic for it to be adapted into a movie by a major studio company. Instead, that choice has now been given to the author/creative,” said Smith. “It’s a straightforward process that allows the author of that specified book to select parts of the book that he or she wants to be shown in a video or movie format, choose their settings, cast their characters, and begin creating by using the video recording capabilities on a smartphone or any other digital recording device.”

Sleepy Owl strives to deliver an experience to readers that engage them further into the story, as the integration of 4D reading will give them an idea of what the characters look like and give them a better idea of the story’s setting and tone. In addition, the company democratizes publishing by supporting minority authors, granting them the ability to immediately generate revenue and increase income streams by offering the DreamCapCha platform to avid book readers and storytellers.

DreamCapCha is The Sleepy Owl’s debut product, acting as a platform that allows authors and content creators to storytellers, poems, and share art by allowing the author to deliver an immersive experience to their readers by embedding digital media to the specific words, paragraphs, or phrases of the story. The process called D.R.E.A.M., an acronym for Digital Recordings of Enjoyable Acquired Moments.

The platform is the only digital publishing platform that gives the author/content creator the ability to embed digital media into the words of their story or instructions. Developed for amateurs and professionals, DreamCapCha allows quick access to monetization for content creators to make profits on their works of literature, instruction, or art immediately after publishing their first chapter or poem.

The Sleepy Owl founder Mekal Smith attributes the company’s development to his late best friend, who was enthusiastic about drafting short stories and manuscripts. “His stories were so detailed that I wished I could see a visual representation of what he wrote on the pages of his loose-leaf notebook paper,” he shared. After Smith’ friend was murdered, he attempted to draft a story about himself. However, Smith struggled with finding the time to bring his story to life. It was there that the seeds of the Sleepy Owl Company were planted.

Although the Sleepy Owl Company was only recently developed, Mekal Smith foresees the company revolutionizing how stories are experienced, not only for authors but also for actors. In addition, he hopes that Sleepy Owl Company will break down barriers for minorities, allowing an easier path to becoming a published author.


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