The Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour Welcomes Empowering Speaker Cherisa Allen

It seems that years of dominating the speaking industry is not enough for the driven entrepreneur Shawn Fair. Proving that his Leadership Experience Tour will remain on top for the years to come, Shawn has found another indispensable speaking talent in Cherisa Allen.

A renowned expert in empowering, inspiring, and encouraging women to be their best selves, Cherisa Allen is one of the most sought-after speakers today. Her influence crosses borders and allows her to share her expertise in leadership, building confidence, and life after trauma.

Being an inspirational and comforting figure to thousands worldwide, people often ask Cherisa what drives her to help women in need. Her answer? She used to be one.

“Because of my childhood trauma of being molested, I always cried out silently for attention – to be seen,” she recalls. “I always felt like I was the ugly duckling and was overlooked. I knew, in reality, I was keeping silent. I wasn’t allowing my voice to be heard.”

Cherisa Allen then began acting out. “I was mad, angry, and downright mean to myself and others. I often found myself in a state of constant comparison, which led to continued self-destructive behavior and lashing out at others.”

Her trauma started a vicious cycle of self-hatred and outbursts. However, only when Cherisa Allen reflected on herself did she find the strength to improve – for herself and everyone in her reach.

In 2014, she wrote a life-changing book entitled “Revelation, Resignation, Restoration,” which detailed her journey to overcome sexual abuse in the hopes that others might do the same. The overwhelmingly positive feedback and her newfound dream to desire to help became the catalyst to her present success as a top motivator.

To further her growing impact, she launched her venture “Do You See What I See” for the often unseen greatness people hold within. “We don’t see the gifts and talents that reside in us. It’s through the eyes of others that we see who we are and what we can accomplish.”

Since establishing her reputable company, Cherisa Allen has become a household name for women empowerment. Combining her celebrated 30-year career as a Social Worker and her unique and proven restoration methods, she has helped women move from Stagnation to Activation.

Her comforting presence and willingness to be with clients for life have made Cherisa the preferred companion through trials and tribulations. Under “Do You See What I See,” she works with clients directly and in group sessions. 

“I bring laughter and transparency; real-life stories, in real-time. I allow my audience and clients the opportunity to walk this journey with me, feeling vulnerable but safe; knowing that what makes them uncomfortable also provides the opportunity for them to grow.”

Bringing a unique style of engagement to her reach, Cherisa Allen is a powerful addition to Shawn Fair’s roster of talents. Carrying multiple features, awards, and distinctions in her entrepreneurial and philanthropic work, the moving speaker is sure to pin The Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour in the top seat – raising the standard for her colleagues in the speaking industry.

Learn more about the brilliant Cherisa Allen and how she has impacted optimistic change in the world. Stay updated on her ongoing and upcoming ventures at Do You See What I See and under the lauded “The Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour.” Visit the award-winning motivational speaker on her official website


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