The Next Big Thing in the Fintech World: How Howell Zhang’s Ad Infinitum Capital Shakes Up the Industry

Howell Zhang
Photo Credited to Howell Zhang

By: Georgette Virgo

With its complex and exclusive nature, the financial market has long been perceived as a daunting industry accessible only to the well-versed and financially elite. This perceived exclusivity often deters aspiring investors, who are overwhelmed by stocks, bonds, and investment strategies.

Despite this reality, Ad Infinitum Capital, led by Howell Zhang, embodies a vision that starkly contrasts with the status quo. Undaunted by the industry’s complexities, Zhang is driven by a mission to level the playing field for all aspiring investors. His approach is about simplifying investment processes and democratizing access to financial tools that have been the preserve of the affluent and institutional investors, paving the way for more profitable investments. 

Easy and Successful Investments For All

As an ambitious leader and entrepreneur, Zhang envisions tearing down the barriers that have kept the average people from exploring their journey into financial investments by offering an accessible and empowering gateway to the world of investing. 

By creating an all-in-one financial platform, Zhang addresses the diverse needs of individual investors, offering them a broad spectrum of investment opportunities. The recent launch of their Quant trading unit, Avalon Research, utilizes advanced AI tools to yield extraordinary returns, illustrating their commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology. Emphasizing accessibility and customization, Zhang states, “We provide access for everyday people to invest in virtually any product they want while providing wealth management services tailored to each client.” 

Zhang’s ambition is clear: to make Ad Infinitum more than just a platform for more accessible investments but a technology that alters retail investing. His vision marks a pivotal shift in the fintech world, promising to shake up an industry traditionally resistant to change.

A Mission that Speaks Results

Zhang’s journey with Ad Infinitum is a testament to his remarkable ability to turn vision into tangible results. Starting as a singular force in the competitive fintech field, he has successfully steered Ad Infinitum from its humble beginnings to a notable presence in the global market. The firm’s impressive feat of raising over $14 million in fresh capital and a substantial amount of revolving credit management from Middle Eastern banks marks a significant milestone in its growth story. 

According to Zhang, this high capital is fueling Ad Infinitum’s ambitious expansion into the Asia-Pacific and Australian markets, regions ripe with untapped potential. His strategic foresight is evident in targeting these less saturated markets, where Ad Infinitum is well-positioned to capitalize on the people’s opportunities and needs. 

Zhang shares, “Coming to this point is not easy. It takes navigating with agility and insight. The expansion is not just a geographic growth but a clear indicator of opportunities, and Ad Infinitum is ready to capitalize on them.”

Zhang Doing the Unconventional 

Zhang is known to be an out-of-the-box leader who dares to do the opposite in his leadership style. However, one of the most unconventional things Zhang did was to acquire a stake in First Republic Bank (FRC). Some say this is a wrong decision, with the bank’s stock and the entire banking sector experiencing significant volatility due to the collapse of SVB, Silver Gate, and Signature Bank. 

However, being a bold and brave leader with a keen understanding of the risks involved, Zhang believed that his investment at First Republic Bank was strategic, with the bank still having substantial value, bringing a unique opportunity to invest in banking stocks at heavily discounted prices.

Despite criticisms and some losses on their flagship alpha fund, the leader did not regret this decision but believed that, at that time, his decision was the best option and that the First Republic Bank could withstand the crisis and emerge more robust with higher profitability. 

For Zhang, deciding on things far from what others expect is ‘doing more.’ Sometimes, the best things are found in the most unexpected ways. As he is dedicated to giving his best service to clients, Zhang aims to always be on top of his strategies, even if that means risks, uncertainties, and pitfalls. 

Taking on the Challenge

Balancing the playing field in fintech is a multifaceted challenge, particularly in building trust and reliability among diverse investor groups. This entails not just democratizing access to investment tools but also cultivating trust among less-tech-savvy individuals who are wary of complex technology and algorithm-driven strategies. 

Conversely, winning over the tech-savvy segment, those comfortable with digital innovation but demanding sophistication and efficiency pose a different challenge. This leaves Zhang challenging for robust, transparent educational initiatives and user-friendly interfaces that demystify investing for ease of use, security, and tangible results. 

As the ambitious CEO started to make his mark in the fintech world, there’s no stopping what he and Ad Infinitum can do, conquering more regions, one successful financial investment at a time. 


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