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We are all told from an early age that our wedding day is one of the most important and happiest days of our lives. As such, there is considerable coordination and planning involved. You have to hire countless vendors, find a perfect location, and find a team to document the day flawlessly so you can remember how perfect it was for years to come. Many would argue that the latter of the three tasks is the most significant. 

Luckily for Allie and Nick Friesen of The Match Artist, they knew exactly who to call when they needed a videographer for their own happy day: a skilled member of their own team, of course! The Match Artist photographers know not only how to make you look your best, but how to capture the important moments that really show your personality. They also have some secrets up their sleeves to help clients feel comfortable in front of the camera, and coincidentally, those secrets contributed to Allie and Nick meeting in the first place.

Who Is The Match Artist?

A few years ago, The Match Artist founders, Nick Friesen and Shane White, were two single guys with a photography studio. Nick discovered facial expression coaching, tried it out with a few friends, and realized that this coaching made a huge difference in his friends’ online dating profiles. This was just the beginning. 

Flash forward to the present day, Nick Friesen and Shane White have both gotten married thanks to, in part, the facial expression coaching they used in their own profiles. Nick and Shane have both experienced one of the happiest days of their lives, and have refined the secret to finding love. And good news for single people across the country, Nick and Shane created The Match Artist to help you find love, too. 

Since their founding, The Match Artist has helped over 700 hopeful guys find love, with multiple success stories that include both engagements and weddings. It’s been a game-changer for people across the country. 

The Match Artist Process

While facial expression coaching is certainly a component of The Match Artist’s success rate, The Match Artist photographers have a few more tricks up their sleeves, and they are eager to guide clients through the process. 

The Match Artist hires experienced and personable photographers whose priority is to make you feel as comfortable as possible while capturing your authentic personality. The photographers understand that most guys hate having their picture taken, so The Match Artist uses facial expression coaching to help everyone look better than they ever thought possible in photos. This coaching helps people build confidence and know how to look great in any photo. 

To help you get the best photos, The Match Artist doesn’t shoot in a studio. Instead, they highlight what makes you unique by capturing your hobbies in your home and around town. A former client explained that The Match Artist photographers are even willing to shoot in some unusual places. “They not only made me look great, but brought out my personality. We got pics at my rock climbing gym, my favorite bar, and even with one of my electronics projects.”

Photo sessions with The Match Artist often feel like you are just hanging out with one of your friends around town. One client said, The Match Artist guys were so cool that it was just like hanging out with my own friends. We chilled, talked about random stuff, and, dare I say, we bonded.” These are the type of guys you need around when you want to up your dating game, but the whole profile photo aspect makes you cringe. 

Beyond the Online Dating Apps

A session with The Match Artist goes beyond a few fun hours and a few good pictures. Former clients have said that the photoshoot experience is life-changing because of the confidence and new outlook they gained. Under the tutelage of The Match Artist experts, many guys see themselves as attractive for the first time ever. Their new perception of themselves not only gives them the confidence to go on dates, but to also view themselves differently in their personal and professional lives. 

Future Wedding Bells

Whether you are planning a major life event or hoping to meet someone new, it is imperative that you feel confident that you look your best. The Match Artist has worked with guys across the country to offer life-changing results. Let the professionals be your hype men, your facial expression coaches, and the co-pilots in the experience that changes your life.

Contact The Match Artist to highlight your best self. You could be hearing wedding bells in no time. 

(The photo in this article is from Nick and Allie Friesen’s wedding and was taken by Rob August Photography)


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