The Happiest Hour: Creating More Moments of Happiness

The Happiest Hour: Creating More Moments of Happiness
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In an era where wellness is more than just a trend, it’s a conscious lifestyle choice, many individuals are actively seeking natural alternatives to bolster their health. Enter “The Happiest Hour,” a brand uniquely poised to offer support for life’s challenges with their thoughtfully crafted terpene beverages.

“Happiness is for everyone, and everything we do is in an effort to see our customers and community living their best lives.”

This powerful mantra by The Happiest Hour is not just words, but a promise. The brand’s unique edge lies in its main ingredient – terpenes. These organic compounds, primarily found in plants, fruits, and spices carry a multitude of healing properties. They’re the heart and soul of The Happiest Hour, providing potential benefits with little to no side effects. These beverages are easy to consume, leaving you with no jitters or sleep hangovers, just a delicious flavor that caters to a myriad of wellness needs. Their convenient 2 oz shots are also perfectly portable, making it effortless to take them with you wherever you go. These shots are not just easy to carry, they also provide the support you need to power through your day.

When it comes to what sets The Happiest Hour apart from its competitors, the answers are threefold: operational excellence, product innovation, and customer intimacy. The brand is synonymous with reliability, consistency, high quality, and value. Their flexibility and decades of experience in product innovation are unmatched. But it doesn’t end there. This brand goes the extra mile, quite literally, with superior customer service, customization, and an evident commitment to the community. 

“Support your mental health so you can feel like the best version of yourself, on the go.”

“Every moment of your journey deserves to be enjoyed to the fullest.”

“When you set out with The Happiest Hour by your side, you can connect with the world around you – and the world within you – on a whole new level.”

Simply put, you deserve to feel better, and with The Happiest Hour, you can.

The brand’s roots lie in the passion of three siblings, third-generation beverage experts, who are dedicated to enhancing the community’s well-being. Their core values of Gratitude, Love, Community, and Kindness shine through every product and interaction. With over half a century of experience in crafting beverage, their mission is succinctly captured in their statement: 

“We’re on a mission to provide support wherever and whenever it is needed with our terpene-infused beverages. We believe happiness is for everyone and we live to see our customers living their best lives.”

Their expansive experience also means that they’re not limited to one kind of beverage. From spirits to juice concentrates and cocktail mixers, they have crafted tens of thousands different products for their clients, showcasing their unparalleled expertise. 

Intensify – A mango-terpene blend to elevate your experience.

Wake – A caffeine shot with terpenes, ensuring a focused energy without jitters.

Mend – Ginger, turmeric, and clove combine for pain relief.

Sleep – A tranquil orange-cinnamon shot to ensure deep rest.

Curb – A munchies combatant, blueberry-lemon flavored.

Calm – Vanilla chai with lavender, a sip towards serenity.

Bliss- Lavender Lemon, for a more positive perspective.

In essence, The Happiest Hour is more than just a beverage brand. It’s a journey towards holistic well-being, one sip at a time.

Published by: Aly Cinco


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