The Genesis of Awesome Life Group LLC and Its Impact on Credit Repair and Restoration

Financial problems have been a problem for centuries, and credit has acted as a lifeline to help ease the struggles. However, many people have found it more complicated than expected upon discovering their credit score. A trio that consisted of Brandon Weaver, Cornita Pinchinat, and Jera Sky set out to create a solution for people trying to fix their credit, culminating in the birth of Awesome Life Group LLC.

Awesome Life Group was conceptualized by Brandon Weaver, an Army Reserve Veteran with eight years of service to his name. He came home and underwent two knee surgeries and one hip surgery. While the surgeries helped ease his pain, Brandon was left with terrible credit. Like most people with a bad score to their name, he could not get approval for an apartment or utilities. The veteran started looking for help, and when none came, he set out to fix his situation on his own. Brandon learned to repair his own credit, taking his scores from the 500s to the 800s.

Upon solving his own dilemma, Brandon realized that he could help others and change their lives. The veteran reached out to Jera Sky, an accomplished entrepreneur whose success stemmed from the eBay business for twelve years. Together, they built a company that taught people how to repair their own credit. Brandon and Jera created a YouTube channel that accompanied their do-it-yourself credit repair products, helping thousands of Americans take control of their own scores. 

Following the success of their company, Brandon and Jera wanted to create another company that specialized in credit repair and restoration for clients. Cornita Pinchinat, another entrepreneur with four years of success, inquired about their project and joined the company after repairing her own credit score following her divorce.

Building on Brandon’s idea, the trio created Awesome Life Group, helping clients repair, restore, and rehabilitate their credit. Additionally, Awesome Life guides people to improve their credit through their YouTube channel or Brandon Weaver’s best-selling book The Easy Section 609 Credit Repair Secret. With Americans facing difficulties with their credit holding them back from getting their dream homes, cars, or businesses, Awesome Life Group strives to improve people’s lives. 

Awesome Life Group has been running for five years today. Cornita has been the company’s cornerstone, where she acts as the Managing Director. Brandon serves as the President of the company, with Jera serving as Chief Strategist. Since its inception, Awesome Life has been awarded as one of the Best Credit Repair Companies in Pittsburgh.

“We are motivated to change people’s lives for the better and to have a positive impact on families for generations to come,” Brandon shared, pleased to see the influence that Awesome Life has imprinted on people’s lives. 

The company is currently running its operations in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but Brandon, Jera, and Cornita are working on expanding their services throughout the United States, helping hundreds of thousands of Americans.

“We believe our company will have dramatic growth in the next five years,” Brandon said enthusiastically, “We have also expanded our other services as well, including business credit where we help small businesses secure the funding and business credit they need to start or expand their own businesses.”

Learn more about Awesome Life Group LLC by visiting their official website. You can also get more updates by following Brandon Weaver on Instagram.


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