The Future of Nantz Law: Simplifying Estate Planning for All

Nantz Law, a respected boutique law firm founded by Trey Nantz, has its sights set on transforming the landscape of estate planning. The vision: to make estate planning more accessible, approachable, and affordable. Trey Nantz is spearheading the development of the firm’s online planning platform,, to become the new primary focus of the practice. This innovative platform will provide clients across North and South Carolina, and potentially beyond, with easy and convenient access to essential estate planning advice and documents.

“For far too long, the legal profession has shrouded estate planning in jargon, complexity, and high costs, making it intimidating and unaffordable for the average person,” says Trey Nantz. Recognizing this challenge, he and his team at Nantz Law have made it a priority to simplify the process and empower individuals to protect their assets and secure their legacy without unnecessary hurdles.

“Our online planning platform is being designed to bridge the gap between traditional lawyer-drafted estate planning and online platforms that offer standardized forms,” Nantz explains. “It offers clients the best of both worlds: attorney-drafted documents that are affordable and easily understood. We are leveraging technology and streamlining the estate planning process to remove barriers and make it accessible to a broader range of individuals.”

The vision for the future of Nantz Law revolves around providing a user-friendly and intuitive platform that guides clients through the estate planning journey step by step. The process begins with simple and straightforward online intakes that gather all the necessary information. From there, the attorneys at Nantz Law custom draft the necessary legal forms and deliver them online. Clients have the convenience of shopping from anywhere and receiving a professionally drafted and reviewed estate plan, all at a reasonable cost.

Simplifying the law has been at the core of Nantz Law’s mission since its inception in 2014. Trey Nantz, with his experience dating back to 2009, understands the importance of demystifying legal processes and making them accessible to everyday people. “We feel that providing a user-friendly platform will allow us to empower individuals to take control of their estate planning needs, ensuring that their assets are protected and their wishes are honored,” Nantz states.

The future of Nantz Law is not just about the online planning platform, but also about expanding its reach and serving clients beyond North and South Carolina. As the firm grows, it envisions extending its services to individuals in other states, enabling more people to benefit from its simplified approach to estate planning.

In addition to the online planning platform, Nantz Law will continue to offer its expertise in other areas of law, including real estate transactions, business law, and risk management. The firm’s commitment to simplifying legal processes and providing transparent and consistent legal guidance will remain at the forefront of its practice.

The journey towards a more accessible and approachable estate planning future is an ongoing one for Nantz Law. “We will continue to refine and enhance our online planning platform,” Nantz reveals. “We’ll make sure it remains up to date with the latest legal requirements and technological advancements. We seek to combine expertise with convenience to make estate planning a seamless and empowering experience for individuals and families.”

As Nantz Law charts its course for the future, it remains steadfast in its mission to simplify the law and provide essential legal services to a wider audience. The application of the latest technology, along with innovation and a client-centered approach, will allow Nantz Law to transform the way estate planning is perceived and practiced. Through their online planning platform and commitment to excellence, Nantz Law is paving the way for a future where estate planning is accessible, understandable, and within reach for all individuals, regardless of their background or financial status.

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