Taking a glimpse through The Jewel King’s decades-long journey

In the jewelry universe, there are a myriad of jewelers trying to outshine each other. And then there is this distinguished brand, The Jewel King, which like a bright star stands out in this market. Unlike other companies, they are able to maintain their efficiency and stay ahead of the curve.  The Jewel King creates the most impressive jewelry pieces.

This article will take you through The Jewel King’s decades-long journey, which has culminated in a major jewelry brand with a remarkable collection of timeless jewelry creations.

Founded in the year 1989 , The Jewel King is a 33-year-old company that is gracefully carrying a family business’ lineage in and beyond Houston, Texas. As the wizard of fine jewelry and diamonds, the company is mastering the art of crafting magnificent pieces. Every item from their shimmery collection will bewitch you!

They marked their powerful foray into 10K and 14K jewelry and eventually moved into the diamond business. With excellent quality and great service pinned to their noticeboard, The Jewel King kept conquering the market. They did encounter changing market conditions, waves of news trends, technology, and whatnot. But with their enthusiasm for honing the best gold and diamonds jewelries, they kept meeting success and mastered the craft.

Now, the second generation of this prestigious family business is one of the leading gold and diamond distributors in the Houston market and beyond. The Jewel King retains a very loyal client base that considers them one of the finest jewelers in town. They have over 500 loose diamonds in stock and can make a masterpiece out of your vision.

As the entire globe is swaying in the rise of the internet, The Jewel King, too, is all set to elevate its brand by marking its presence in the online world. They wish to open their services to a worldwide market that will don grace and elegance, not just jewelry.  

It took immense inventiveness, barrels of enthusiasm, ounces of perseverance, and patience to make The Jewel King flourish for more than three decades. We hope that the brand will continue to succeed.


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