Suzanne Mckenzie: Revolutionizing Fashion with Purpose and Passion

Suzanne McKenzie: Revolutionizing Fashion with Purpose and Passion
Photo Courtesy: Amy Lombard

By: Sarah Morton 

In a world where fashion often feels fleeting, Suzanne Mckenzie emerges as a visionary in the fashion industry, blending style with a profound sense of purpose. McKenzie, CEO and founder of Able Made clothing brand, stands out as a beacon of purpose-driven design. Her vision transcends aesthetics, weaving together social responsibility and passion into the fabric of her brand.  From the ashes of personal tragedy rose a commitment to social change, embodied in every stitch of her soccer-inspired lifestyle brand. McKenzie shares her journey, challenges, and the unwavering passion that fuels her mission.

For Suzanne Mckenzie, Able Made isn’t just a clothing brand; it’s a manifestation of her life’s purpose and a platform for meaningful change. “My life purpose is making social change through my work in design and soccer,” she confides, reflecting on the inspiration drawn from her late husband, Ucal. His sudden Passing on the soccer field catalyzed the creation of the Ucal Mckenzie Breakaway Foundation (UMBF), a youth-focused nonprofit that remains at the heart of her mission. Able Made, in essence, became the tangible expression of her commitment to fund the foundation and drive positive change through fashion. “Ucal’s untimely passing served as a powerful impetus,” she reflects, highlighting the profound connection between her personal tragedy and her brand’s mission.

Suzanne McKenzie: Revolutionizing Fashion with Purpose and Passion
Photo Courtesy: Katie Fischer

Yet, McKenzie’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. “The greatest challenge we’ve had has been matching the working capital to Able Made’s fast-growing momentum,” she admits. This struggle is compounded by the gender gap in access to capital for women entrepreneurs, a disparity she’s all too familiar with. Undeterred, McKenzie’s resilience shines through as she navigates these obstacles, driven by a determination to defy the odds and pave the way for future female founders.

When asked for advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, McKenzie emphasizes the importance of passion and fearlessness. “You have to be passionate about what you do,” she asserts, underscoring the necessity of a deep-rooted connection to one’s mission. Her advice to “be fearless” resonates as a rallying cry for those striving to carve their own paths in the business world.

Able Made’s commitment to sustainability is not merely lip service; it’s ingrained in every facet of the brand. “We are leading with great quality, fit, fabrics, and attention to design,” McKenzie explains. By prioritizing excellence in products, Able Made captures the attention of eco-conscious consumers before even broaching the topic of responsibility and sustainability. Transparency is key, with McKenzie ensuring that customers are fully informed about the brand’s ethical sourcing and manufacturing practices.

Suzanne McKenzie: Revolutionizing Fashion with Purpose and Passion
Photo Courtesy: Christopher Schoonover

A Vision for the Future

As Able Made continues to flourish, Suzanne McKenzie remains steadfast in her commitment to social impact and innovation. With an eye toward the future, she envisions not only the growth of her brand but also her role in reshaping the entrepreneurial landscape. “I have the ambition to become part of the access solution as an investor,” she reveals, hinting at her larger mission to empower the next generation of changemakers.

In Suzanne Mckenzie, the world of fashion finds a trailblazer whose unwavering dedication to purpose and passion sets her apart. Through Able Made, she not only creates stylish apparel but also cultivates a community united by a shared commitment to social change. As McKenzie’s influence continues to grow, her legacy as a visionary entrepreneur with a heart of gold is poised to leave an indelible mark on the fashion industry and beyond.


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