An Immersive Experience Like No Other: Strength n Honor Training Brings Fresh Perspective to Sports Training

Strength n Honor Training
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Strength n Honor (SNH) is a training facility for athletes who are highly driven and have a passion for success. With a focus on customized programming and attention to detail, SNH strives to help athletes reach their full potential. The training philosophies and methods used at SNH were developed through trial and error on the playing fields, giving the trainers the knowledge and experience to help athletes achieve their goals.

Steve Konopka, the founder of SNH, Steve Konopka, the creator of SNH, has a strong dedication to improving the health, happiness, and overall functioning of both athletes and everyday individuals. He shaped the SNH mindset and training approach based on his personal experiences in sports and fitness. Konopka’s relentless work ethic, self-esteem, and determination are evident in every SNH session and program, reflecting his passion for fitness and wellness.

One of the key areas of focus at SNH is helping female athletes avoid ACL injuries. Female athletes are up to eight times more likely to suffer from ACL injuries than male athletes, with the number of injuries up over 800% since 1972. The majority of these injuries happen without physical contact and are the result of poor movement patterns and muscle imbalances.

At SNH, the risk factors that contribute to ACL injuries are targeted through proper strength training and movement development. This includes reducing poor ankle mobility, improving the quad-to-hamstring ratio, strengthening the glutes, improving the hip-to-quad ratio, developing proper movement patterns, increasing deceleration training, improving landing biomechanics, and ensuring adequate nutrition and recovery.

The trainers at SNH understand that there is no such thing as “true injury prevention,” but by being proactive and closely examining individual weaknesses and potential hazards, they can significantly decrease the likelihood of injury. SNH is committed to supporting athletes in realizing their aspirations and avoiding the common pitfalls that many athletes and parents encounter. With a focus on helping athletes maximize their potential, SNH is dedicated to providing guidance and support every step of the way.


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