Stellar Moto Brand Apparel is Where Motorcycle Fashion Meets Safety

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It doesn’t get any more badass than the best motorcycle fashion for women riders. We at CEO Weekly love to support hard-working women in their motorcycle communities, especially when they are producing innovative motorcycle wear designed with special materials for safety that have a fashionable flair. All garments designed by Jenna Stellar of Stellar Moto Brand, showcase special qualities that offer comfort and protection while being super stylish, making them stand out in a crowd and on the road. We are finally seeing a selection of apparel for women motorcyclists due to ambitious female designers like Jenna, who rides. She saw a need for quality, fashionable and protective technical garments due to a personal injury that could have been avoided with the proper safety wear. Stellar Moto Brand was created to fill a void in the market of women’s motorcycle gear that is both stylistic and functional. Jenna Stellar, the founder, was driven by the old-school motorcycle vibe, a sense of freedom, independence and a bond to the road. We had the opportunity to interview her below. This interview serves as a sampling of what her brand has to offer. Be sure to check out Stellar Moto Brand links to the website at the bottom to shop the Motorcycle fashion collection of bold fashion colors for both women and men.

What is Motorcycle Wear? Can you give us a list of what a rider needs to stay safe? 

We call it Motorcycle Gear because it is more technical than just apparel. In the past, street motorcycle garments consisted of a leather jacket and regular cotton jeans. If the weather was hot, then off came the jacket. Track racing gear started with a full leather one piece, then later came impact protection “armor” throughout became the norm. It has always been a matter of vibe and the weather more so than protection with all the different subcultures within motorcycling. Helmet laws are not mandatory in all states, yet I see more riders wearing them anyway. We used to wear three-quarter helmets where you can still see the face, but over the last 7 years or so, we have taken to full-face helmets with shields, no less. Abrasion Protection fabric to keep your skin from road rash and Impact Protection Armor in key places where one might break a bone. The back, shoulder, elbow, hip and knee are the areas that should be addressed. Sturdy boots are a must over the ankle without a lot of twist or movement, with a sole made to withstand slippage. Gloves are vital for gripping throttle, gears and breaks.

These are the basics, but the list goes on and on and depending on the weather, street riding, off-road, adventure riding or road trips.  

Can you briefly explain why your Motorcycle wear is offering safety? What is the material made with that stands out from other brands? 

Female riders had two choices of gear. The choices were to wear regular clothes or men’s riding gear. When female motorcycle jackets were finally offered in stores, they looked goofy and similar to a men’s jacket, but they were cinched in the waist with pink and purple embroidery. These jackets also were made of skimpy lamb leather, which would rip off as soon as you hit the pavement. They should be made of proper riding thickness of at least 2.75 -3.75oz. cowhide. 

What was offered to women was a joke. Not a care in the world for our safety. I noticed the lack of attention to women’s needs for moto gear. Whether we are on the back of a motorcycle or riding your own bike, we need protection. I knew I wasn’t the only one who felt safety gear for women was needed. Then, the day my crash happened, so I decided to become an entrepreneur in Motorcycle Gear for women and fill that gap. It was a small crash that I could have just picked up my bike and rode home, but I was not wearing protective bottoms. I was wearing regular cotton stretch jeans, and my knee split open. Now I had the time to work on a Stellar Moto design while I was recuperating. 

The designs I started with could not have been made with the typical Aramid abrasion-resistant fabric. This aramid brand name is Kevlar, and it is used as a liner under the garment, so if you took a slide on the pavement, the outer garment will tear open, but the liner would save your skin. Stellar Moto Brand makes one-piece jumpsuits, so I needed a single-layer stretch denim. I could not have another layer under an already tight jumpsuit. I researched and found out this brand Dyneema was making it, but it did not have stretch. They told me to wait 6 months to a year, and they could have a stretch version. So now I have one-layer stretch denim with the abrasion-resistant fibers woven into it directly!!! No need for a whole thick heavy liner. It looks and feels like your regular denim but will save your skin with a 4-second slide time if you happen to get into a mishap. We have the first and still the only protective one-piece jumpsuit, coveralls and bomber flight suit for women and men in the motorcycle market. Our designs are all unisex; we just have options for a more masculine or feminine vibe, and depending on your body proportions, you have choices.

How did you pick your personal creative style to create the fashion line?

I grew up in the motorcycle culture. My dad raced and designed fabricated sidecars. He raced all sorts of motorcycles, but he restored a 1964 Triumph Bonneville 650 with a sidecar that he used to tote me around in. His aesthetic was a bit more vintage British than American Harley, but I saw it all and loved all of it. I also grew up in Los Angeles, and being the youngest of 5, I got a load of subculture at my feet. I had the music scene, skateboard, surfing, motorcycling, film, fashion, and I took it all in. Stellar Moto Brand is a mashup of all my experiences.

What education and experience do you have as a fashion designer? 

I went to Los Angeles Technical Trade College to learn fashion design and merchandising.

While in school, I interned on an Indie Film. My next job on a film, I got paid and then went straight into show biz. I think I excelled because I could make patterns, sew and tailor. My years as a stylist curating countless outfits for musicians, advertising and commercials helped too. I was also a costume designer in film and television. That experience had really helped me to hone in on telling a story with clothes as well as taught me about fit and proportions. 

What celebrities have you worked with in your career? 

Film: Julia Roberts, Nathalie Portman, Ryan Reynolds, Willem Dafoe, Joseph Gorden Levitt

Music: The White Stripes, The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs, Jack White, Green Day, The Black Pumas, Stone Temple Pilots, Courtney Love and Trent Reznor. 

Tell us what inspired you after your accident to create the brand and how did you get started? 

I never wanted to go through that again nor anyone else having to go through any type of pain!

 I always wanted to have my own fashion brand be it motorcycles or music related. I had previously trademarked the name, took notes and sketched designs of what I wanted to make and the vibe of it all. I Made some patterns and prototypes. After the accident, I was wondering why I didn’t wear any protection although I knew better. It was because there were still no options that included abrasion and impact protection that I wanted to be seen in. Now I finally had the time to take out that notebook and look at all my patterns and start researching protective fabric and armor and see how I can make this happen.

Tell us your personal passion for motorcycle riding. 

 Motorcycle riding is kind of hard to explain because everyone loves it for different reasons. Most people love the freedom, kind of like just hopping on and going somewhere, anywhere. Some like the speed. I love the whole culture of motorcycling from the camaraderie, the art and innovation around custom motorcycle builds, the endless events all over the world, the fundraising charity causes, how you end up meeting people from all walks of life you might not otherwise have a chance to and of course because it is so damn fun to ride through the canyons or along the coast with the beauty of nature. 

What does it mean to you to be a CEO of your own brand? 

It means pushing the limits. I knew I had an idea but did not think I would have to do it all.

Sketching, pattern making, sourcing fabric, sample making, finding zippers, getting my own logo snaps made, designing labels, loading rolls of fabric, starting a storage warehouse, fulfilling orders, shipping, hauling my goods to motorcycle events, ….. If I say anymore no one would want to start a brand. I never thought I could build my own website or write content descriptions or even talk about myself. Stellar has pushed me out of my comfort zone which was already not comfortable. I do this because I absolutely love it. I get to gear riders up in full protection without looking like they are wearing gear. Gear up the riders who didn’t wear gear and to style up the ones who wore track gear. That’s my goal!!! 

Where can we purchase Stellar Moto Brand? 


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