Spirituality, Philanthropy, And Mindset: Michael Graziano Commences A New Journey Of Life

Michael Graziano
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The infamous bohemian Michael Graziano has ventured into new beginnings. With his time spent as a founder in the business world, he’s reached a point where his truest self has finally awakened and is taking form. Read on to discover Graziano’s newfound way of life. 

Some of us hit a barrier where continuing with old habits and behavioral patterns don’t work anymore. This realization may come about through our own doing or inspiration from someone or something. And when it does, the road ahead drastically changes for the better. 

Sitting down with mindful entrepreneur Michael Graziano, he shares with us his shifting priorities in the latest phase of his journey. And his road ahead is not what it once looked like. 

Graziano experienced conscious alternating moments over the past year from dark meditation to Ayahuasca ceremonies. And during a new chapter in life, he discovered another layer of himself during a trip to Peru.

“The ceremonies return you back to your original state, and our original state as humans is simply whatever we desire and set intentions on in our world,” he shares. Irreplaceable moments that will follow him for a lifetime, Graziano took key findings from his experience he never wants to forget. 

“If you have self-doubt, nothing happens. Day one of the ceremony I had self-doubt,” he explains, and “if you have that attitude in life nothing magical is going to happen.”  The first and one of the most important lessons is your mental attitude. Rather than going through the ceremony with disbelief and a limited perspective, on the second day he decided to open himself up to whatever may happen. With zero expectations and an open mindset, he had the most godliest experience of his life

“I was face to face with God… an energy, a higher intelligence,” he explains. “I experienced the most vivid colors and shapes and sacred geometry and now understand there is a higher power. I see sacred geometry when I meditate. But it’s very subtle and faint. And now I know what to look for when I’m meditating and going on a deeper level.”

Deep down he always knew there was a higher power and the confirmation completely altered his world. Fear dissipated and was replaced with a sense of renewal – a full mind and body transformation

“I became pure white light and it was such a powerful moment this time around,” Graziano discusses. Searching for the perfect words to describe his transient state, he chuckles to himself. “It started off like a universal orgasm,” he illustrates, and just like the build-up to the sensory “explosion”, it also happens in the universe with stars. Gravity pulls in energy, builds up, and explodes creating a large incandescent body. 

“I felt that orgasmic awakening. And then the next layer of that was coming to the realization of what greatness is.” 

For Graziano, greatness lies within the prophets and chosen ones – Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, etc. Each of them has what Graziano refers to as ‘layers of greatness’. 

“If you want to be a great person and you want to go down that path toward being ‘the chosen one’, you need to go through all these layers,” he illuminates. “Layers are very simple and I realized the first layer to greatness is overcoming the fear of others, others’ expectations, and judgments of you.” 

Ultimately, the only way to improve yourself is to shift your mindset. If you allow yourself to feel judged by others, then you leave room to judge others as well. The second layer is your own self-doubts. Again, a shift in your mindset to dig deeper and uncover layers of life that often go unseen. 

Graziano has learned to see things for what they are: beautiful. An ordinary object to us is bursting with light and vibrancy to him. He calls this new sense of seeing and being into his life, and through a type of pilgrimage to Peru, unlocked the essence of his spirituality. 

Michael Graziano
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It also unlocked a shift in priorities. With a push from his wife Natasha Graziano, he invested more of his time and wealth into charities. He funded the building of a school with Pencils of Promise for 600 kids in Guatemala. And after witnessing the immense gratitude and support from his actions, he made a promise to donate to build at least one school every year for the rest of his life.
“Don’t expect to receive until you give,” Graziano emphasizes because good things only come to those who do good, not for themself, but for others. 

He has come full circle and is learning to prioritize giving back and being himself. “We’re entering a world where people who are unapologetically themselves no matter which way they go, get the attention and get them the wins,” says Graziano. And that’s exactly what he’s doing. 

“Life is a performance – you choose your character and write your scripts,” so do the most with what you have and continue expanding to reach new horizons. 

With his recent life transition and personal expansion, Graziano transitioned into the next phase of his business and reached a new horizon. His company was involved in a recent joint venture with his close friend Dylan Vanas, creating Mindful Agency

“I’ve always admired Dylan. He’s a savvy businessman,” Graziano says, and “we’ve worked well together over the years and quickly became friends, almost like brothers. We share a natural bond.” 

The two friends are bridging the gap between mindfulness and business, paving a path for a whole new sector in the marketing industry: Fighting peace with peace and helping mindful individuals share their stories with the world. 

To keep up with Michael Graziano’s next chapter in life, follow him on Instagram and visit Mindful Agency’s website to find out what the company is all about. 


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