Sophia Bornschein Brings Fashion to Life with Born2Dress

Sophia Bornschein
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Sophia Bornschein, the fashion mogul and the brilliant mind behind Born2Dress, is making waves in the style universe with a game-changing expansion plan for her boutique. It’s time to say hello to new and exciting services, plus a whole new world of fashion choices for the stylish women out there!

Born2Dress believes that everyone deserves to rock their own unique style, no matter their age, budget, or what’s hot right now. That’s why it offers a massive selection of clothing and personalized styling services to help clients find their fashionista mojo! And the cherry on top? Every Thursday, shoppers can score some one-on-one time with the fabulous Sophia for the ultimate VIP styling experience. 

Born2Dress is shaking things up further with their latest fashion innovation – the Style Subscription Box! These boxes are like having a personal stylist who knows your fashion personality inside and out. They’re specifically tailored to each customer’s individual preferences, so clients can be sure they will love everything they receive.

And that’s not all. Born2Dress is teaming up with a top influencer to create a limited-edition capsule wardrobe for their customers. Imagine having a celebrity stylist curate a wardrobe just for you!

Born2Dress isn’t just a physical boutique; they’re also available online for a contact-free shopping experience. Furthermore, they’re not just any ordinary fashion store; they’re a place where self-expression and fashion experimentation are encouraged and celebrated.

“Our mission is to make every day a chance for our customers to feel beautiful,” says Sophia Bornschein. “We strive to provide a personalized shopping experience that helps our customers express themselves through their clothing.”

The birth of Born2Dress was a result of a lightbulb moment for Sophia. While browsing through the other boutiques in Wellington, she noticed a major missing piece – the lack of personalized service. And that’s when she had an epiphany, “Why not create a boutique that puts the customer first?” And so, Born2Dress was born.

This boutique takes the extra mile to ensure its customers feel like royalty. From their exceptional customer service to their carefully curated collection, Born2Dress is the go-to destination for anyone looking to up their fashion game. With the motto, “Every day is a chance to feel beautiful,” Born2Dress is on a mission to make every customer feel like a superstar.

Born2Dress is all about helping women find their unique style and feel beautiful every day. With Sophia at the helm, you can be sure that each new service and offering will be nothing short of spectacular. So, get ready to step up your fashion game, ladies! Born2Dress is here to help you look and feel your best every day.


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