Social Media Influencer and Star Actress Alexandra Creteau Graces the New York Fashion Week

Since its inception, the New York Fashion Week has always been notable for showcasing international fashion collections and exhibiting them to the media and to the general public. The said show, which usually lasts for six to eight days, is a culmination of different branded events and is attended by renowned celebrities, bloggers, and social media personalities. One of those spotted therein is rising actress and budding star Alexandra Creteau. 

Born and raised in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, Alexandra Creteau holds a professional degree in civil and criminal law. By the time she turned twenty-one, she had moved to the United States, where she had demonstrated her interest in acting and modeling. She earned fame and landed gigs in shorts and indie films like Bloody Hands, Night of the Naked Dead, and The Perfect Seduction, which she wrote, directed, and starred in. 

Aside from dipping her toes in the film industry, Alexandra Creteau is also dominating different social media platforms, where she has a huge following. She is followed by 320,000 fans on Instagram and is adored by thousands of subscribers on her YouTube channel (Dalex Vlogs), which she shares with her husband.

During the New York Fashion Week, social media influencer Alexandra Creteau was accompanied by many prominent personalities, along with her husband, David Murrietta Jr. The latter is an illustrious actor and professional YouTuber born in San Jose, California. On top of that, he also holds professional degrees and is an escalating name in the entertainment industry. 

In line with the New York Fashion Week, Alexandra Creteau attended Dur Doux Show at Terrace at Spring Studios on September 9, 2021, in New York City. Dur Doux is an affordable luxury lifestyle brand that is built on the concept of wearability with an avant-garde sensibility. 

On her first day at Fashion Week, Alexandra Creteau spent a spectacular time and had greetings with Miss Universe Alma Andrea Meza Carmona, who is a Mexican model. She also met Miss USA Asya Branch at the same event.

Moreover, Alexandra Creteau was invited to The Talks: The Future of Fashion and Luxury. On this show, celebrities and stars are welcomed to discuss pop culture, current events, and topics related to fashion. She also graced the Global Fashion Collective show, held biannually in February and September during New York Fashion Week, and the Nolcha Shows, a leading award-winning event for independent fashion designers. 

On September 11, 2021, Alexandra Creteau attended the Negris Lebrum Runway Show. The said show is an African American-owned runway collection designed by creative director and founder Travis Hamilton. It was inspired by a love story that began during the 1940s and had been generating buzz over the last few seasons. 

As can be gleaned from her active participation in the New York Fashion Week, Alexandra Creteau is brimming with passion, determination, and aptitude. With highly commendable traits and characteristics, the rising star has proven that she is fully committed to reaching the destination and accomplishing her goal. 

Above anything else, Alexandra Creteau’s goal is to eventually be the best version of herself and grow as an individual who is not afraid to share her talents, hobbies, and sentiments on social issues.

Know more about Alexandra Creteau on her Instagram profile and YouTube channel.


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