Clean Power Industries, LLC Aims to Take the Solar Industry to the Next Level Through Its Acquisition of Simple Solar

Simple Solar
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Because the spread of false information has grown rampant, several organizations have made it their mission to become instruments of change. Simple Solar is one such powerhouse fighting this kind of public deception. For this reason, the trailblazing company intends to materialize its purpose-driven goal by providing transparent and customer-first services. The recent acquisition of the company by Clean Power Industries, LLC takes the industry up a notch to offer services that are not only unique but also groundbreaking.

“Creating an incredible customer experience has been the major focus of Simple Solar since its origination,” shared Simple Solar Founder Moe Falah.

After being ranked as the 44th fastest-growing private nation by Inc. Magazine, Simple Solar joins Clean Power Industries, LLC in order to transform its vision of offering top-notch products and services. The move is the first of the many acquisitions that Clean Power Industries has in store in the following years, kick-starting the beginning of its plans to execute broader and better strategies. Led by Jesse Gee and Simple Solar’s new Chief Executive Officer, Ted O’Shea, the company proposes to acquire and align Solar Dealers with Engineering, Procurement, and Construction partners into a unified platform that elevates the customer experience.

“The Sales Dealer and EPC model that has become prevalent in residential solar has a number of inherent problems for both businesses and, most importantly, the customer,” explained Jesse Gee. “Our strategy aims to solve these problems and ultimately drive a superior customer experience and lower overall costs,” he added.

In the following years, Clean Power Industries intends to primarily address the gap in solar installation processes, which have been met with countless issues in the past. As a matter of fact, it has emphasized that it will prioritize providing better customer service, eliminating various layers of additional costs. In the middle of this transition, Clean Power also aims to move toward becoming a vertically-integrated company. Through these initiatives, end-consumers will have a more robust and cleaner experience with the company, from installation to operation and beyond.

“This is the first step in a larger plan to unite sales organizations with a customer-focused installation operation across major solar markets in the United States to form a world-class, holistic, home energy solution company,” said O’Shea. 

Along with these changes, Ted O’Shea will also step into the scene as the CEO, armed with experience in founding and operating multiple clean tech energy services that have successfully delivered solar, storage, and energy efficiency solutions. Moe Falah, on the other hand, works as Chief Revenue Officer, which will position him to deliver success through the Simple Solar way and recruit the right partners to grow the organization while inspiring vision and creating new opportunities.

“By taking control of the entire process, we can add the Simple Solar standard of excellence to every single project. This creates longevity not only for the company but for the careers of all Simple Solar employees,” he shared.

As Moe Falah and Ted O’Shea continue to bring the excellence of Simple Solar and take the reins of Clean Power Industries, LLC, they look toward elevating the industry and delivering a customer experience unlike any other.


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