Shumaila Hemani, Ph.D., a Creative Thought Leader in Transforming Burnout into Breakthrough

Shumaila Hemani
Photo Credit: Shumaila Hemani

Dr. Shumaila Hemani, a Creative Thought Leader and Founder of The Deep Listening Path, is revolutionizing wellness coaching by injecting creativity into the recovery from advocacy burnout. Her unique approach blends artistic modalities, mindfulness meditations, positive neuroplasticity, and insights from legendary social advocates. With over 15 years of experience as a social advocate, Hemani is not just a coach but a compassionate guide empowering individuals to uncover breakthroughs and strengthen their courage for personal and collective wellness.

The Deep Listening Path

Hemani initiated the Deep Listening Path to extend her groundbreaking workshops with the Alberta Ecotrust stakeholders to advocates of all kinds, from non-profit professionals to academics and healthcare workers. Her innovative approach melds sensory experiences with traditional wellness practices, providing a holistic solution to advocacy burnout and mental health struggles. The goal is to empower participants to emerge with strengthened courage and advance personal and collective wellness.

Testimonials and Recognition

Hemani’s methodology has garnered praise from various individuals, including Helen Corbett, Director of Energy Poverty at All One Sky, Alberta, who describes the workshops as “incredibly innovative.” Stefanie Drozda, Program Manager at Alberta Ecotrust Foundation, commends Hemani’s guidance in tapping into new ways of experiencing surroundings through sound and listening. Alister Martin, CEO of A Healthier Democracy, notes, “[Shumaila’s] message addresses the critical and often misunderstood issue of burnout with empathy and insight. [Her] points about the uniqueness of each individual’s experience with burnout and the systematic nature of its causes are particularly poignant.”


Hemani has designed a 10-step practice-based course called “R.E.S.U.R.G.E.N.C.E.” to help advocates break free from burnout and aspire towards their goals. This multi-sensory program incorporates guided visualization, sound meditations, and movement to facilitate deep and empathetic listening. The course aims to unlearn limiting beliefs, reorient perspectives, and develop strengths to navigate uncertainty.

Disrupting the Status Quo

Challenging traditional wellness coaching methods, Hemani argues that toxic productivity and poor work-life balance are outcomes, not root causes, of burnout. Her proactive approach focuses on uncovering breakthroughs and transforming challenges into opportunities for social advocacy. Hemani also emphasizes that her program is secular and welcomes individuals of all backgrounds, steering clear of religious affiliations.

Environmental Activism and Wellness

Beyond her role in wellness coaching, Hemani is a prolific artist and passionate climate advocate. Her creative endeavors, including soundscape compositions and singing-songwriting, enrich her coaching approach with a deepened appreciation for the interconnectedness of mental health, wellness, and environmental stewardship. Hemani’s art and advocacy have earned her numerous awards, reinforcing her commitment to effecting change through creativity across various disciplines.

Global Community Vision

Hemani’s vision extends beyond immediate wellness outcomes, aspiring to foster a global community that values self-compassion, deep intercultural listening, and reflective transformation. As the wellness market surges, her approach indicates a shift towards more inventive and personalized support, combining time-proven techniques with artistic innovation.


Dr. Shumaila Hemani’s work at The Deep Listening Path represents a paradigm shift in wellness coaching. Her creative and holistic approach addresses burnout recovery and empowers individuals to find breakthroughs and contribute to a more just and equitable world. As she continues pushing boundaries, Hemani’s vision of a global community focused on self-compassion and transformative wellness inspires the world of well-being. To learn more about her work, visit the Advocacy Burnout group and follow @deeplisteningpath on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and X.

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