Sheila Bella Is Training Beauty Entrepreneurs Through Her Own Online Academy

Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart. And while many people today have the desire to start a business, they don’t have the knowledge or mindset. Sheila Bella wants to change that reality for over 100,000 people as she propagates her company, Pretty Rich Bosses Online Academy, a one-stop-shop educational platform for aspiring beauty entrepreneurs.

Over eleven years ago, Sheila’s life looked very different. She had just separated from her first husband and lost her job in a restaurant. Unemployed and brought to her lowest, she had nowhere else to go but up. And while she had poor social skills and a victim mentality for most of her life, that trial would become a turning point. “That was the moment when I stopped feeling sorry for myself,” shared Sheila. “I went from being a sad little chihuahua whimpering when its tail between its legs entered beast mode.”

With a newfound fire in her, Sheila Bella started down her path as an entrepreneur. She became a brow artist and beauty business coach. Eventually, her hard work would pay off, as she would build a reliable brand for herself in Hollywood, California. The serial entrepreneur would develop her business, Sheila Bella Permanent Makeup, entirely from scratch and turn it into a million-dollar venture. With that success at hand, Sheila completely transformed into an empowered, confident, and aggressive beauty entrepreneur from shy and lonely restaurant employee and one of the top experts in her field. 

Today, the successful CEO and beauty icon now looks to conquer new waters with her new vision of raising an army of over a hundred thousand successful beauty entrepreneurs through her second business, Pretty Rich Bosses Online Academy. The online education platform is an end-to-end program that helps entrepreneurs in the beauty, makeup, and lifestyle world grow their businesses with her proven sales, marketing, and business development tactics. 

Through Pretty Rich Bosses Online Academy, Sheila teaches people how to get more clients, build a reputable beauty brand, grow one’s social media channels, write high-converting sales scripts, and many more. The beauty expert also offers high-concentration mentorship opportunities for people looking for more hands-on and customized lessons. 

Pretty Rich Bosses Online Academy came to life during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid one of her generation’s worst economic conditions, Sheila Bella has helped many of her students grow their businesses immensely and have record-breaking results in their businesses. “You have to believe in yourself,” she shared as an initial piece of advice to entrepreneurs. “You have to be so obsessed with your dream to a point where you become unreasonable.”

Sheila believes that everyone has competency and passion and that their goal should be to discover what those are. She firmly teaches her students and clients the importance of realizing that greatness is already within us. “You just need to harness it,” shares Sheila.

Today, Sheila Bella also serves as the President of the American Academy of Micropigmentation and uses her social media platforms to share various beauty tips and hacks. She has also launched a program called Pretty Rich Podcast, which now holds the title of most popular and downloaded beauty entrepreneurship show on iTunes.

To learn more about Sheila Bella and the Pretty Rich Bosses Online Academy, visit her website and Instagram account


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