Shawn Fair Shares His Stage with Dr. Tsitsi Hungwe

It takes a lot of hard work, knowledge and expertise to succeed in any profession. Many aspiring professionals spend most of their lives honing their craft and consistently learning all the latest innovations that are brought into their chosen industry. With the ever-changing nature of our world, it is always important to get a firm grasp on the foundations of a certain niche. Dr. Tsitsi Hungwe has devoted much of her life’s work to elevate the skills of others through her esteemed company, Higher Mountaintops LLC.

Dr. Tsitsi Hungwe is a visionary entrepreneur, dentist, and certified Maxwell Leadership Team Speaker, Coach, and Trainer. She graduated from Michigan Technological University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She then proceeded to complete her dentistry educational training at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry in 2016. As a scholar of the National Health Services Corps (NHSC), Dr. Hungwe served as a Public Health Dentist who provided general dental care services to underserved communities.

Eventually, in 2021, the renowned dental professional and entrepreneur established Higher Mountaintops LLC, a coaching firm that mentors young women in the space of Dentistry, Law, and Chiropractic professions. As an empowered woman herself, Dr. Tsitsi Hungwe is well aware of the stress and challenges that come with being a woman of power. Because of this, she hopes to pass on her knowledge to many women to help them navigate a male-dominated professional world. 

“We help overwhelmed young female professionals who desire coaching, mentoring and networking support. Helping them overcome challenges such as people pleasing, speaking up for yourself, saying no, expressing yourself in a professional manner while not suppressing your emotions and age discrimination,” shared Dr. Tsitsi Hungwe.

Higher Mountaintops consistently pushes the boundaries of the professional world. The esteemed coaching firm has built a pristine reputation by equipping aspiring women with all the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen niche. When asked what motivated her to build her powerhouse brand, Dr. Hungwe responded: “During the pandemic, I discovered my larger purpose: inspiring and equipping future leaders. Those realizations came from my own struggles as a student in particular. In my attempts to complete my dental board exams to become a Dentist in 2016, I had to take three sets of board exams a total of 10 times. In 2021, I was searching, lost and lacking a sense of purpose and bound my own limiting beliefs in early 2021.”

Dr. Tsitsi Hungwe has scoured various industries in search of more coaching, mentoring, and networking support. Upon discovering this severe gap in many of our industries today, she realized her own purpose – providing other women with the power to reach the top through their newfound abilities, much like herself. Through her remarkable transformation, Dr. Tsitsi Hungwe has become a beacon of light for many women out there, inspiring them to take hold of their own destinies and manifest the success that has always been within their arm’s reach.


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