Shawn Fair Recruits Powerhouse Speaker Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison for His Leadership Experience Tour

Shawn Fair is a renowned name in the corporate world for his coaching and training services. A sought-after figure and coveted consultant, Shawn has traveled throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe to impart his knowledge and techniques to help leaders identify their blind spots. Through his program, the Leadership Experience Tour, Shawn has created a platform that allows different speakers to join and share their inspirational stories. Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison is the latest speaker to join the fray.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison was always the radiant individual who loved to dance and roller skate with her two younger brothers. By high school, she started to develop an interest in helping people and later decided to pursue a degree in social work. Jacqueline has been using her degree since 1994 and took greater steps nine years later when she became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Michigan.

Since then, Jacqueline has developed a more profound understanding of her role. With the knowledge needed to catalyze change, she took on a new venture as a Confidence & Success Coach and created Realizing Your Potential LLC to empower and inspire African American women everywhere. Her focus shifted to help African American women know better and be better for themselves, their families, and their communities. Jacqueline’s work is about getting them to recognize and harness their power to empower themselves and others to manifest abundance in their lives. 

While her work caters to African American women’s empowerment, Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison’s role specifically helps coaches and consultants create effective strategies to eliminate negative self-talk and self-sabotaging behaviors that prevent them from taking their business to the next level. The confidence and success coach speaks out about how entrepreneurs can create unshakeable confidence, stay motivated, increase productivity in their business, how they can eliminate negative self-talk, and develop an effective mindset strategy for success. Additionally, the confidence and success coach provides a virtual platform for entrepreneurs to receive personal, professional, and leadership development to aid them in scaling their business. 

Outside of the coaching industry, Jacqueline is the executive channel producer of A Queen’s Round Table channel on the Women Win TV Network, the fast-growing all-women TV Network. She is the host of A Queen’s Round Table Quarterly Symposium, TV show, and podcast. Jacqueline has also taken the virtual stage for several summits like Level Up Summit, Power Up Summit, Girl Be Courageous Summit, and The League of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Summit, to name a few. She is set to speak at the Leadership Experience Tour in September at the Embassy Suites in Troy, Michigan. 

Having achieved a lot in her career, it was no surprise that Jacqueline would be recognized for her works. She has been featured in Courageous Woman Magazine, Swag Her Magazine, and HuffPost. Jacqueline has also been featured on live shows like Talking Business with Beverly, She Boss Talk, and many other shows and podcasts. She is the visionary of a new book anthology titled “Born To Lead: Awakening The Leader Within.

Despite making her mark on thousands of lives, Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison believes she is only just beginning as she foresees setting up an academy to provide personal, professional, and leadership development to assist African American women scale their businesses.

“I will have health and wellness experts, mental health clinicians, and business strategy coaches on staff to work with my population,” she prophesied, “I will own a television network with programming dedicated to Black economics.”

Learn more about Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison by visiting her official website.


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