Shawn Fair Is Bringing a Top Speaker from the UK by the Name of Dr. Dunni 

Being a mother is a gift that many women are blessed with. However, the role demands a lot of effort and sacrifice and could often lead to exhaustion. It might be an overwhelming task, but mums all over the world have accomplished so many remarkable things. Dr. Dunni firmly believes that being a mother is no ordinary feat, which is why she has devoted much of her life’s work to helping mothers conquer feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion.

Dr. Dunni is an award-winning Mum Empowerment coach, family doctor, international speaker, bestselling author, and host of the Wellbeing 4 Mothers Show. She is also the esteemed founder and CEO of Druwa Academy, a renowned platform where mums are empowered to eliminate the feeling of overwhelm and exhaustion by stepping into their superpowers while ensuring holistic well-being.

Dr. Dunni is a supermum herself, raising two amazing children to the best of her abilities. Equipped with firsthand experience, she is able to channel the inner SUPER POWERS of mothers everywhere. Dr. Dunni is an expert at empowering mums to break free from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted in the many roles they have to fill. Due to her tremendous achievements in the field, she was named one of the top 500 global influential leaders by Brainz Magazine and received the Global Woman Rising Star Award.

As a family doctor, Dr. Dunni is an ambassador for Alzheimer’s society, fully supporting the fight against dementia that affects more women than men. In line with her advocacies, she ran the Manchester marathon supporting her cause, further inspiring more women. 

As an esteemed medical professional, Dr. Dunni utilizes natural, scientific and medical concepts to explain practical ways to avoid health problems and promote holistic well-being in simple terms. She does this through a series of online courses, books, coaching, events, and various membership programs.

Dr. Dunni’s bestselling book, “Every Mum is a Supermum: Breaking Free From Overwhelm & Exhaustion” has been credited with changing the lives of many mothers worldwide. In addition, the book was nominated for the best non-fiction book and inspirational book of the year at the Black Authors, Artists, and Entrepreneurs awards.

By utilizing her massive influence and her global platform, Dr. Dunni spreads her positive message to the many mothers out there. She has continuously used her voice for good, enlightening, empowering, and transforming the mindset of mothers who deeply struggle with burnout. 

“It is heartbreaking to see in my day-to-day life as well as in clinical practice many mothers who are exhausted, overwhelmed and burnt out,” shared Dr. Dunni. “It reminds me of how I used to be, and I do not want anyone to have to go through that state of helplessness and hopelessness.” Thus, she developed a system of practical tactics and tools that anyone can implement in their lives.

“My aim is to use my knowledge and experience to empower at least 100 million mothers to stop feeling overwhelmed and exhausted as they enjoy the overall well-being of mind, soul, body and spirit,” explained Dr. Dunni passionately.


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