Shawn Fair Invites Elizabeth Gagnon to Leadership Experience Tour

Motivational speakers can build their own platform and expand their reach so they can help people. It may take a while, but eventually, these speakers will find their audience. To improve their skills and reach an even bigger group of people, motivational speakers often undergo mentoring and training as well. Shawn Fair, a sought-after consultant, leadership expert, trainer, and founder of the Leadership Experience Tour program, has chosen to elevate powerhouse speaker Elizabeth Gagnon.

Elizabeth Gagnon is the founder and creator of Miss Liz’s Teatime and Parties. As the host of Teatime with Miss Liz, she aims to make a difference one cup at a time. Her extensive work with various charities and advocacy groups has encouraged her to find ways to help these different communities.

To help and shed light on various organizations and causes, Elizabeth Gagnon hosts a tea party. Here people can share their stories and spread awareness for their projects, movements, programs or foundations. Through this unique approach, Elizabeth Gagnon provides a home-style environment where entrepreneurs, advocates, and guests can connect and find ways to serve their community better. 

For Elizabeth Gagnon, tea serves as a brilliant analogy for the guests at her tea parties. Each person comes with different experiences, beliefs and values. Therefore they can be likened to different flavors or blends of tea. But more than that, tea stands for Elizabeth TEA theory of Teaching Educational Awareness.

More often than not, awareness is not enough to solicit action. For positive steps to occur, relevant groups must feel like they know the stories and experiences that brought about these causes. Each Teatime with Miss Liz creates an opportunity for participants to feel motivated and inspired by the experiences of the guest speaker. 

Since 2015, these Teatime events have grown exponentially and raised over $5,000 for Women’s Transition Houses, Sexual Abuse Services, Bereaved Families Services, among other organizations that need support and are dear and near to her heart. 

Elizabeth Gagnon’s drive to gather support for underfunded organizations comes from a place of deep pain. Elizabeth is a survivor of extreme abuse and heart-aching grief. Yet, despite the pain she experienced, she has moved forward with her life. Elizabeth Gagnon has found a way to make significant changes in the world by creating magical events where people can come together and share their stories of trauma and triumph.

Aside from these Teatime events, Elizabeth Gagnon also hosts an annual Christmas Open House for single mothers and their children and the homeless population. She was also heavily involved with Bereaved Families of Cornwall Ontario and is currently a Community Action Network Against Abuse member. She also spends her time mentoring business owners who are survivors of abuse.

Elizabeth Gagnon has firsthand experience of being plagued by limiting beliefs and destructive patterns. As she has moved past her traumas, she has become a mentor for others who are in the process of healing.

She said, “I serve as an example that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. A better world can come from a big imagination and something as simple as a cup of tea.

Shawn Fair is a member of the Forbes Coaching Council and the founder of Leadership Experience Tour. He has chosen to amplify Elizabeth Gagnon and her story at his next event. To learn more about Teatime with Miss Liz, you may visit this linktree.


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