Shawn Fair Chooses Dr. Elizabeth A. Carter, another Dynamic Speaker for His Leadership Experience Tour

In this day and age, getting to the next level in one’s career and life’s work requires recognizing the right platform and getting on that platform to leverage it. Shawn Fair runs one of such platforms called The Leadership Experience Tour which is the number 1 speaking platform for speakers in the United States. Dr. Elizabeth A. Carter, the founder of AAPPEAL LLC is the latest addition to the speaker club and is ready to take things to the next level.

Dr. Elizabeth A. Carter’s personal and professional goals align with Shawn Fair’s work of taking professionals to the next level and their coming together is a step in the direction of achieving that. AAPPEAL, LLC, an initiative dedicated to empowering ambitious African American women to become more “appealing” at the companies they work and ultimately, more valuable. AAPPEAL LLC helps these women achieve this by providing tools and resources to enable clarity and boost promotability.

Since 2016, AAPPEAL LLC which stands for “An Absolute Passion for Performance, Engagement, Analytics and Leadership” has operated with the sole mission of “breaking the eight percent.” This goal was inspired by the needle trend on the US Bureau of Statistics which shows that less than 8% of Black and African-Americans hold managerial roles in organizations. Dr. Elizabeth A. Carter set  out to change that  by helping more people get into that eight percent and hopefully increase that percentage.

Dr. Elizabeth A. Carter’s life trajectory has reflected her strong affinity for hard work and never settling for average or less. Her mindset and work ethic was conditioned to go for her goals and everything she’s achieved in her career reflects just that. She currently works as a director of finance for a health insurance company in Pittsburg, PA. She’s also a publisher, coach, speaker, trainer and 5 x bestselling author whose books have had notable impacts on people’s lives.

As someone who has worked for over 25 years in the corporate world, she has led, mentored and developed teams in the areas of strategy and financial analysis, performance improvement, and talent development in both profit and nonprofit organizations. She also holds valuable educational qualifications like a PhD in education from Capella University, an MS in education, MBA in management and BBA in marketing. 

Dr. Elizabeth A. Carter has carved a niche for herself with her ability to use words to create powerful impact and how all her books, keynotes and presentations are centered on leading oneself and others. She established V.O.C.A.L., a coaching program that guides people to go all the way out in their careers and getting exposed to outcomes in which they are valued, offered opportunities, given a seat at the right tables and rewarded for their uniqueness. Dr. Carter hopes to connect with women of color across different disciplines who aspire to climb the corporate ladder but are being held back by different factors. “Being bloody and bruised, many women of color have become frustrated and have jumped out of the corporate environment and into entrepreneurship. While having those same experiences, I remain in corporate and play both roles; energized, encouraged, and entrenched in the crux of the change in the trends, and shares real-time experiences with my AAPPEAL clients. Not everyone is destined for entrepreneurship, and major corporations need our voices at their strategic tables,” she said.

In a few years, she hopes to have climbed higher in the corporate world and helped other people climb higher in their respective fields and careers too. She also expects that her writing, speaking and coaching enable thousands of people to get close to their true callings while leveraging her platforms to get valuable information, resources, tools and tips to achieve their life goals.Learn more about Dr. Elizabeth A. Carter and her work at AAPPEAL LLC on the website.


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