Shawn Fair Brightens the Leadership Experience Tour With Supernova Brittany Browne

A formidable character in the speaking industry, Shawn Fair has always been lauded for his ability to enlighten individuals and guide their paths to success. This year, offering an even brighter road for his growing audience, Shawn has enlisted the expertise of the renowned speaker Brittany Browne.

As the brilliant mind behind the Shawn Fair Leadership Experience Tour and a member of the Forbes Coaching Council, Shawn is credited for single-handedly elevating thousands of individuals. From the United States, Canada, and Europe, the world-class entrepreneur has motivated over 300,000 individuals to become industry leaders.

Shawn’s eye-opening and award-winning presentations have shaped the landscape of powerhouse offices today. Due to his extensive background in the corporate world, he has developed efficient techniques in identifying blind spots and an eye for the next groundbreaking speaker.

Attesting to the latter, Shawn, as the founder of the Leadership Experience Tour, a highly exclusive club for dynamic speakers, welcomes the supernova Brittany Browne to the stage. 

As a sought-after educator, author, motivational speaker, and certified master life coach, Brittany Browne is one of the industry’s leading names. Her reputation carries her sheer excellence in stewarding, inspiring, and delivering practical coaching methods for diverse audiences. 

Before launching a prominent career in the coaching and speaking industry, Brittany attained a top-notch academic background in Nursing Education, Research, and Quality and Risk Support. This knowledge has helped her formulate foolproof strategies and wellness instructions that have guided her audience to a better physical and mental state.

Among her best work is “Supernova: Becoming the Star of your Own Galaxy.” Released under her venture, Brittany Browne Life Coaching, the six-step manual aids individuals in rediscovering their purpose. Brittany’s interactive outline promotes self-help strategies for self-discovery, self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-love, and letting go. 

On the inspiration behind the piece, the Founder and CEO shares, “After getting divorced from an 11-year marriage, I realized that my identity was wrapped in my marriage, and I knew I needed to reconnect with who I was or who I wanted to be.”

This awakened a need within Brittany to provide services that emphasize the power of reaching to the past and embracing one’s truth to cultivate meaningful and lasting connections with oneself and beyond. 

Under the keywords: Educate, Energize, and Heal, the motivational speaker ushers individuals from the dark into a place of warmth and sunshine – rebuilding their internal foundation and encouraging them to pick up the pen and rewrite their stories in a better light. 

As Brittany Browne made brilliant, shimmering waves nationwide, helping individuals find their light and radiate it to enlighten the paths of those around them, Shawn Fair began to notice her one-in-a-million gift. Such talent, accompanied by an infectious personality, is hard to come by. 

Brittany’s strengths in individualization, connections, and identifying a person’s unique and specific needs complement Shawn’s abilities and the mission embodied in his Leadership Experience Tour. 

As news of this unprecedented and exciting handshake spreads across the speaking industry, fans and aspiring entrepreneurs buzz with lively chatter. With Brittany Browne, along with recently announced talents, joining Shawn’s inspiring roster of masters, people can hardly wait for the next name Shawn Fair is going to call up the podium.

Learn more about Brittany Browne and her classic, winning guide to self-discovery “Supernova: Becoming the Star of your Own Galaxy.” Stay updated on the shining new developments of the master life coach on the Shawn Fair Leadership Experience Tour on Brittany’s official website


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