Shanice K Hill Shares Her Inspirational Story of Triumph in Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour

Top-tier leadership trainer and motivational speaker Shawn Fair has recently announced the addition of another up-and-coming speaker to his project, “The Leadership Experience Tour.” The program welcomes Shanice K Hill, a young and vibrant speaker and podcast host, who empowers women across the United States and 30 other countries.

 Through the Leadership Experience Tour, Shawn hopes to train and raise a group of speakers who will elevate professionals, salespeople, entrepreneurs, and executives everywhere. The most recent addition to the roster is Shanice K Hill. Founder of the podcast, “Fix Your Crown Sis,” Shanice has a following of over 10,000 listeners from thirty-five countries. A podcast that was birthed from her pain, Shanice speaks extensively on how she overcame some of the most daunting challenges, including close-to-death abortions, speech problems, toxic relationships, and being a runaway teen. 

Shanice freely speaks on her childhood trauma that shaped her adult decisions and, overcoming insecurities that had greatness wrapped within. She began to grow a passion to help others identify the beauty in their brokenness. Brokenness does not discriminate; everyone experiences it in life. The more crowns are fixed, the better the world will become. Once she began to heal, she learned it’s so much more on the other side of all the pain we run from, there’s purpose wrapped in our pain, we just must get to the root of it to be the best version of ourselves.  One point of her life, she deals with low self-esteem, no confidence, and not knowing her purpose on earth. Thankfully, she begins to discover her identity when she begins to heal with finding God, seeking therapy, writing her feelings down and doing daily affirmations. As she became transparent with her own story, she noticed that it gave others the strength and power to live in their truth. Most people are taught to hold secrets in and never express it, and that holds you hostage from reaching your true destiny and purpose. That became a beautiful journey to becoming the inspiring woman and motivational educator that she is today.

In 2020, Shanice K Hill started an organization that feeds the homeless every Sunday and regularly distributes necessities. A nonprofit organization that inspires her out of her own homelessness in 2019. Her long-term goal is more than giving them a hot meal; it ss to raise money, to help them find employment, and to purchase food trucks with built- in showers. The speaker also founded “Beauty from Brokenness,” an interior design firm that she is currently expanding into a furniture brand where she customizes her own furniture and makes it affordable.

The vibrant speaker with a story to tell has recently joined The Leadership Experience Tour, where she will enter a roster of other high-level speakers from all over the country. Shanice brings to the mix a youthful spirit and an energy that can quickly inspire any crowd no matter how dire their circumstance might be. Her main topics include a step-by-step process to experiencing freedom from past hurts, finding the beauty in your pain, and transferring your mind from victim to victorious. Shanice hopes that her elevated platform through The Leadership Experience Tour will allow her to speak to women who feel trapped in their past mistakes and failures. She hopes to be a voice of hope to those who think there is no chance for them to experience a life of happiness and freedom.

By joining Shawn Fair’s “The Leadership Experience Tour,” Shanice will be entering the organization’s schedule of events and programs. She will soon share the stage with the premier leadership speaker and dozens of other high-caliber professional trainers.

Learn more about Shanice by visiting her podcast and The Leadership Experience Tour’s official landing page.


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