Serving Love, One Cup at a Time: Colombian Coffee House’s Mission and Impact

Colombian Coffee House
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In a world where fast-paced lives and hectic schedules often overshadow the simple joys of life, Colombian Coffee House (CCH) stands as a beacon of warmth, community, and cultural enrichment. Established in 2017, this boutique coffee shop located in the heart of downtown Delray Beach and East Boca Raton, Florida, has not only redefined the coffee experience but has also become a symbol of love, one cup at a time.

A Coffee Shop with a Heart

The story of CCH is one that transcends the confines of a typical coffee shop. Founded by three cousins in 2017, the coffee house was initially set up to serve exceptional coffee and gourmet Colombian American cuisine. However, CCH’s journey took an unexpected turn when Diana Guevara, the original founder, found herself weathering the storm alone after her cousins pursued other business opportunities.

But every storm has a silver lining, and in the beginning of 2021, Mark Worch, an Italian-Guyanese entrepreneur, acquired an ownership interest in CCH. This partnership marked the beginning of a new era for the coffee house, one filled with passion, dedication, and a commitment to creating something truly unique.

A Cultural Oasis in the Heart of Florida

CCH’s distinctiveness lies not only in its exquisite coffee but also in the experience it offers. The coffee beans are sourced directly from Popayán, Colombia, and roasted locally in Delray Beach, Florida, ensuring that every cup is a tribute to Colombian culture and flavor. The diverse menu of gourmet Colombian American cuisine adds to the authenticity of the experience, making every visit a culinary journey.

Mark Worch, CEO of CCH, captures the essence of their mission, stating, “Our mission is simple, we strive to create community and provide value into the lives of every individual that comes through our doors. We use coffee and gourmet Colombian food as a means to achieve this mission. We serve love, one cup of coffee at a time.”

Community and Connection

CCH isn’t just a place to grab a coffee; it’s a place to connect with others, to experience the warmth of human interaction, and to savor the rich flavors of life. The café has been consistently praised for its exceptional customer service, inviting dining experience, and the wide variety of gourmet Colombian American cuisine it offers. For the team at CCH, it’s about delivering a cultural experience that is both welcoming and enriching.

Diana Guevara, Founder and CFO of CCH, brings her financial expertise to the table. Her background in economics and business administration, combined with her experience working in finance, ensures that the café operates efficiently. Diana’s journey, from being the financial director of a nonprofit rehabilitation center for women to leading CCH, has taught her valuable lessons about the importance of service and making people feel good, even if it’s just through a cup of quality coffee.

From Coffee Lover to Coffee King: Mark’s Story

Mark Worch’s journey to becoming the CEO of CCH is a testament to the power of passion and dedication. His story begins as a coffee lover, much like many of CCH’s patrons. However, it was Mark’s unwavering commitment to quality and cultural enrichment that transformed him into the “Colombian Coffee King.”

Mark’s connection with CCH started as a customer, but his love for the café’s concept led him to acquire an ownership interest in early 2021. As a customer and later an owner, Mark became known as “El patron del café” and even created a short film titled, documenting Starbucks’ defeat against the powerhouse global brand, which was once located across the street from CCH’s downtown Delray Beach location.

Mark’s passion for film, real estate, and creating value in people’s lives through commerce has driven him to become a successful entrepreneur. He recently produced the feature documentary film, #UNFOLLOW Movie, further cementing his dedication to making a positive impact on society.

A Vision for the Future

CCH’s mission to serve love, one cup at a time, is not limited to its café walls. The coffee house is currently in an expansion phase, opening its second and third locations and aiming to open over 100 locations within the next five years. This ambitious expansion plan is not just about growth but also about creating opportunities for others.

Diana and Mark are actively seeking equity partners who share their vision and passion for creating a unique cultural experience. In a market where quick-and-dirty financing options are common, CCH stands apart by looking for partners who recognize the immense potential of the café and are willing to be part of its growth from the ground up. Alongside equity investors, CCH is also opening numerous stores with franchisees, offering entrepreneurship opportunities to individuals who want to be part of the coffee house’s journey.

Join the Journey

The story of Colombian Coffee House is a story of love, community, and cultural enrichment. It’s a story that transcends borders and unites people through the simple pleasure of sharing a cup of coffee. As CCH continues to expand its footprint, it invites you to join the journey, whether as a customer, an investor, or a franchisee.

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