Serial Entrepreneur GiGi Diaz Helps Power Women Succeed With Less Stress by “Seizing Happy™”

In a world where success is measured by accolades and profit, a person’s wellbeing often takes a backseat in the list of priorities. The pressure to move to the ticking of the clock can be consuming and has resulted in a significant decline in international health statistics. 

A self-proclaimed former hustler and a lauded serial entrepreneur, GiGi Diaz is well-acquainted with this phenomenon.

A Cuban-born entrepreneur who made her mark at a young age, GiGi Diaz has been in the industry for quite a while. She opened her first venture, a dance studio called “GiGi’s Academy,” the same year she graduated from high school. 

While transforming “GiGi’s Academy” into the award-winning powerhouse it is today, the top entrepreneur also pursued a career in radio and television. She works as an on-air personality for iHeartRadio in multiple markets, both in English and Spanish. She soon attracted a loyal following, which continued to expand as GiGi worked to earn her Master’s degree.

A dynamic career taking off, a growing venture, and a degree nearly on hand, GiGi Diaz had it all, or so she thought. Following her flight to recognition was a fall that the entrepreneur did not see coming. 

“My “hustler” mentality led me into a hospital in my mid-twenties,” she shares. “I was depleted from working radio in the mornings, TV in the evenings all while running a business and pursuing my Master’s degree.”

One night on the drive home, GiGi suddenly lost her vision. Despite the scare and momentary shock, she managed to pull into the emergency lane until she regained sight. The serial entrepreneur then drove herself to the Emergency Room, sunk into her hospital cot, and reluctantly listened to her doctor tell her that she had to slow down.

“I realized my business, my degrees, my clients, were pointless with my body too exhausted to enjoy any of it.” So, she made a change.

A reshuffling of priorities was in order. Redefining success with health and putting herself first, GiGi started making changes from her business routine to her friendships. After years of inner work and self-reflection, GiGi Diaz decided to step in and help fellow women entrepreneurs prevent the jarring experience she had.

She got her ICF Certification as a Life Coach specializing in Happiness Studies and Mindfulness and launched an impactful coaching business called “Seizing Happy™ .” 

Although GiGi’s newest venture also caters to male and nonbinary entrepreneurs, “Seizing Happy™ ” focuses mainly on women entrepreneurs who tend to put everything and everyone before themselves. To remedy this situation, the vibrant life coach offers a 360 approach to assisting modern-day Wonder Women.

“We believe in nurturing the business and the woman behind it equally. If you’re not nurtured, and well, you can’t be your best version of a CEO, a wife, mom, or any other role you play in life.”

Employing her accomplished 17-year career as an entrepreneur, GiGi easily connects with her clients. She helps them develop a healthy mindset that allows them to tap into their full potential and bring their best self forward in all their endeavors without losing themselves to the process. 

In addition to mindset coaching, Seizing Happy™  also offers online courses, networking events, and workshops designed for constant business growth in every industry – helping women entrepreneurs succeed with discussions on branding, social media, and exposure. At present, the Seizing Happy™  team under GiGi Diaz is opening the doors to the BETA launch of their digital mindset coaching program. 

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