Serial Entrepreneur Duran Sherzoy Innovates the Apparel Industry Through QR Code Technology

In this day and age, the co-existence of business and technology has paved the way for more opportunities for individual success. In recent years, the e-commerce industry has become a lucrative platform that puts the power back to the consumers and helps entrepreneurs leverage their revenue-making ventures. Visionary entrepreneur Duran Sherzoy is one such individual, establishing an innovative enterprise called MrGoodLiffee Marketing that successfully merges technology and business. 

MrGoodLiffee Marketing is an emerging e-commerce company that sells custom apparel built with strategic QR codes. The innovative concept has taken the business industry by storm through Sherzoy’s firebrand leadership and impeccable business acumen. The son of Roshana Sherzoy, DDS, Duran Sherzoy has built a pristine reputation in the business industry through his relentless passion and vast expertise.

His mother, Roshana, owns one of the most successful dental practices in New Jersey called, Englewood Dentistry. He has inherited much of his mother’s knowledge and skills as he ventures into the world of business as an aspiring mogul and the owner of MrGoodLiffee Marketing. “She taught me all that I know and much more,” explains Sherzoy. “That is how I am able to manage this company with integrity.”

Prior to establishing his own business enterprise, Duran Sherzoy attended Bergen Tech in Paramus, New Jersey, where he took up General Contracting. In 2013, he entered Lincoln Tech to study Automotive Technology. After picking up his dental radiology license in 2015, he started working with his mom at her practice, Englewood Dentistry

 Initially, with no proper professional background in dentistry, Duran Sherzoy was oblivious to practice management and business administration. However, he quickly learned the ropes and proved to the world that he was built for entrepreneurship.

After five years of serving the Jersey community through Englewood Dentistry, Duran Sherzoy became a master at all aspects of the clinic’s operations. “I learned employee care, customer care, inventory storage, scheduling, dental assisting, dental radiology, marketing, and more,” Sherzoy shared. 

Through his hard work and dedication, Sherzoy quickly discovered his passion for helping those around him. This is the crux of his entrepreneurial spirit, using business as a means of helping those around him rather than just focusing on his own personal agenda.

Eventually, Duran Sherzoy began delving into the technology behind QR codes as a way to gather more Google reviews for Englewood Dentistry. He quickly learned how to design and program QR codes to perform various web-based and physical-based tasks, using them to the practice’s advantage. 

Equipped with his vast knowledge and a deep understanding of QR codes, he set out to build MrGoodLiffee Marketing. His rising apparel business utilizes strategic QR codes on merchandise to lead people to a business page or Instagram account. The idea quickly caught on, with more and more people engaging with his products to promote various brands.

Currently, Duran Sherzoy is busy growing MrGoodLiffee Marketing. In addition to managing his burgeoning business, he used to be a licensed Real Estate Agent in New Jersey who has successfully delivered positive results to his clients without fail. At present, he utilizes his expertise and connections to provide real estate referrals. In the near future, the thriving entrepreneur is hoping to help more people within his community through his brand and real estate prospects. 


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