Scott Patsiga’s Journey of Reinvention and Impact

Scott Patsiga's Journey of Reinvention and Impact
Photo courtesy: Scott Patsiga

Scott Patsiga, an entrepreneur and visionary, served as the President of Telaid with his partner Chris Patsiga, transforming it into a leading technology services company that supports enterprise clients. Beyond his corporate success, Scott has always been an athlete, competing in over 100 triathlons over a decade before shifting his focus to cycling.

In late 2022, Scott transitioned from his B2B corporate life, embarking on a journey of self-reinvention—Scott 2.0. This transition came with an identity crisis, as Scott realized there was no real “Scott” outside his corporate persona. Notably, he had no social media presence, a gap he soon decided to address.

Scott’s involvement with Best Buddies began three years ago as a fundraiser and participant in the Miami Challenge. His dedication grew, leading him to support various Best Buddies events across the US, including Malibu, Hyannis Port, Aspen, and the year-end Gala in Miami.

Through Best Buddies, Scott was introduced to Mari Holden, a US Olympic cyclist, which led to his involvement with USA Cycling. He became a Champions Club member, joined the board of the USA Cycling Foundation, and became an active proponent for USA Cycling in Miami and nationwide. At the time of writing, Scott’s company, Telaid, has just become a corporate sponsor of USA Cycling.

But why would a former President and entrepreneur take to Instagram?

Scott realized that he could no longer avoid social media to accomplish his goals and have a platform to voice his thoughts on important issues. He believes that building a personal brand on platforms like Instagram is crucial in today’s digital age. Traditionally, networking occurred at conventions and business meetings, but the digital shift has changed the landscape. Scott contends that actively shaping one’s online brand is essential for pursuing passions and connecting with like-minded individuals.

Scott’s digital awakening underscored the importance of a social media presence. By sharing his journey—from corporate leadership to philanthropy to his love for cycling Scott aims to inspire others. He uses his business acumen to drive growth and impact at Best Buddies and the USA Cycling Foundation. He spearheaded fundraising initiatives, such as a charity gala featuring Tom Brady, and led the development of the first national training program in Florida for amateur cyclists aiming to become professional Olympians.

Scott previously used LinkedIn for professional networking, but now he advocates for sharing one’s “online resume” on more visual platforms like Instagram. He believes this approach not only uncovers opportunities but also inspires others by showcasing the pursuit of passions.

Scott Patsiga's Journey of Reinvention and Impact
Photo courtesy: Scott Patsiga

Scott emphasizes that building a personal brand is about authenticity, community-building, and impact. By consistently sharing engaging content, individuals can attract opportunities and inspire positive change in their communities.

Regardless of professional background, Scott suggests taking one’s online presence seriously. After all, who doesn’t love a good selfie? But beyond the superficial aspects, cultivating a personal brand can be a powerful tool for making meaningful connections and leaving a lasting impact on the world.

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