Say Goodbye to “Side Hustles,” and Hello to Abundance: The Freedom Era Reviews Inspire Entrepreneurial Triumphs

Say Goodbye to “Side Hustles,” and Hello to Abundance: The Freedom Era Reviews Inspire Entrepreneurial Triumphs
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With inflation running rampant and cost-of-living expenses skyrocketing around the world, “side hustles” have become a necessity for young people to get ahead. 50% of millennials and 72% of Gen Z have second and third jobs – many of which grow into full-fledged careers. Working for someone else used to feel like a secure way to earn a reliable living, but volatility in some of the most established industries has changed all of that. Now, it’s up to individuals to create their own opportunities, pinpointing underserved niches and capitalizing on fast-changing trends.

But not every side hustle is created equal. With entrepreneurship on the rise, the ideal side hustle can grow into a fulfilling and profitable career, allowing another motivated individual to leave their corporate job where they’re underappreciated and overworked. Some savvy entrepreneurs have figured out how to engage and educate the next generation of business owners, bringing more financial freedom and true independence to the world.

This is exactly what the founders of The Freedom Era have mastered for their community.

Unlike any other opportunity out there, The Freedom Era is focused on education – everything you need to know to transition from employee to entrepreneur. This includes both business fundamentals and the step-by-step digital marketing essentials that you need to maximize your online presence in today’s fast-moving world. Once you’ve completed courses on the basics of business ownership, you gain access to industry experts and global entrepreneurs who share their secrets to success while guiding business and personal development for all participants.

And while copywriting, paid and organic leads generation, sales, marketing and leadership training, and business development are all important topics to understand as you strike out on your own, the entire The Freedom Era community praises their access to each other as perhaps the most valuable element of all. Entrepreneurship is notoriously lonely, and being part of a community that encourages and helps each other is a unique and enviable position to find yourself in. It’s the morale booster that keeps entrepreneurs from throwing in the towel right before they experience a major breakthrough.

The Freedom Era community enthusiastically and universally praises the open and inclusive culture that is fostered for their benefit.

The Freedom Era Reviews 

Those that have signed on with The Freedom Era frequently mention benefits like legacy income, freedom of time, abundance, and gratitude – because their experiences aren’t just about making money. Perhaps more importantly, they’re experiencing transformational change and personal satisfaction in a way they’ve never encountered before:

My ultimate plan for an early retirement and a comfortable lifestyle has come to fruition through The Freedom Era. By learning the skills of affiliate marketing, having ongoing training and mentorship along with personal development training, I now have retired my husband at 60 and just work part-time myself in a business that is largely automated and so much fun. Our next 20 to 30 yrs will be supported and stress free. We truly do have the ultimate freedom lifestyle.” – Fran Griffen

Being a part of The Legacy Collective and using the The Freedom Era Platform has made life for me as a busy mum to 3, a lot more eye opening to what my dream lifestyle for my family can actually be. Being a part of the community has really allowed me to feel into the proximity of success, growth, and impact as well as truly working my inner work, mental-wellbeing and physical health at the same time. I have been able to travel with my family and attend retreats without financial struggle or worrying about needing to be at a particular location for work. This truly has given me my freedom to be a stay at home mum to my children, and still earn an abundant income.” – Salyse Crowley

I am so grateful for this space and community! Entrepreneurship can be lonely, but it doesn’t need to be! Community, connecting and support is everything! Combined with top level training and leadership, this space has next level not only our business, but who we are! Grateful every day for this business and community!” – Nikola Botha

We are forever grateful for TFE & our Enagic business for providing our Family with the vehicle that has driven transformational change in our lives. Thanks to TFE, We have gone from being a family living a life beholden to the ‘system’ & a lifetime of social conditioning…To a Family living life on our own terms with time, location, & financial freedom!” – Danielle & Jimmy James

About The Freedom Era 

Founded in Australia just three years ago by Kristie X Ord and Rebekah L Femia, The Freedom Era has been catapulting newfound entrepreneurs to success ever since. A combination of their focus on education and their high-ticket offer set The Freedom Era apart from other online opportunities.

Those that embrace The Freedom Era are never toiling for hours to sell inexpensive items with minimal commissions. They’re not left to their own devices, figuring out how to run ads targeting their closest friends and family members. Instead, they have a clear understanding of who their soulmate clients are; they know how to best connect with them; and they are confident in the value of what they are offering to them. This is the definition of a win-win situation.

Kristie and Rebekah are no strangers to the struggle. Just four years ago, Kristie was pregnant and working to make ends meet, stuck in a cycle of scarcity. Rebekah had worked as both a chef and a travel agent, wondering if she would always be working to make someone else rich.

Together, Kristie and Rebekah worked to create a community that changes mindsets, builds wealth, and celebrates individual strengths. Helping others achieve financial independence means that more people are thriving and living lives of deep purpose, perhaps the most noble and fulfilling work of all. At the crux of what they do is change mindsets to allow abundance in.

Beyond their work at The Freedom Era, Kristie and Rebekah have manifested success in a number of other ventures. Kristie has written multiple books, appeared on several podcasts, and organized large-scale empowerment events that feature influencers with worldwide followings. She took herself from a struggling mom-to-be to a happy and independent wife and mother to three children.

Rebekah works as a business mentor, money mindset coach, and feminine embodiment leadership coach. She has written several books, been invited to speak on global stages, been featured on the cover of women entrepreneur magazine, runs her own high-level leadership empowerment retreats, and loves to travel the world.

By providing their community with a business strategy and a positive mindset, Kristie and Rebekah have created an offer unlike any other. They are bringing the freedom of time and money, as well as abundance and gratitude, to thousands of newly minted entrepreneurs around the world.

Those that come to The Freedom Era looking for a “side hustle” will be pleasantly surprised by the fulfilling and inspiring career opportunity that awaits them. They may be accustomed to working two or three jobs to get by, but they’re about to find that The Freedom Era can provide everything they’ve been looking for, and more.

The next generation isn’t one of side hustles, but one of legacy income, thanks to The Freedom Era.


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