Wellness From Within: Saray Taylor-Roman’s Guide to Women’s Health and Entrepreneurship

Saray Taylor-Roman’s Women’s Health and Entrepreneurship
Photo Courtesy: Saray Taylor-Roman

By: Heather Holmes

Explore Saray’s practical and uplifting self-care tips tailored for female entrepreneurs, emphasizing movement and holistic wellness.

Nowadays, female entrepreneurs often neglect their health in pursuit of success. However, Latinapreneur and educator Saray Taylor-Roman believes prioritizing self-care is crucial for lasting success. As National Women’s Health Week passes, Saray shares her wellness guide, emphasizing the transformative power of movement and self-care practices.

For Saray, wellness begins within. She maintains that a peaceful, grateful, and joyful mindset is essential for health. Despite her busy life as a Latinapreneur, educator, and founder of Taylor-Roman Portrait Photography Studio, she prioritizes daily physical activity, biking for 30 minutes to two hours depending on her schedule.

Saray’s favorite routes lead to parks or lakes, where she connects with nature and grounds herself. During these rides, she listens to Hillsong United Radio on Pandora, finding the right message to start her day. She shares, “In those songs, I always find the right message my soul needs to start the day.”

Saray integrates wellness into her life through regular movement. She believes staying active is vital for physical health, mental clarity, and emotional well-being. Her biking routine helps clear her mind, reduce stress, and recharge, boosting her productivity and creativity.

Saray Taylor-Roman’s Women’s Health and Entrepreneurship
Photo Courtesy: Saray Taylor-Roman

Here are some actionable tips Saray recommends for busy women entrepreneurs to incorporate fitness and wellness practices into their hectic schedules:

Set Priorities: Recognize that your health and well-being are non-negotiable. Schedule time for movement and self-care just as you would any other important task. Treat it as an appointment with yourself and honor it consistently.

Morning Rituals: Start your day with movement to set a positive tone. Whether it’s a brisk walk, yoga session, or a quick bike ride like Saray, beginning your morning with physical activity can boost your mood and energy levels for the day ahead.

Micro-breaks: Insert short movement intervals during extended periods of sitting. Use a timer to prompt stretching, walking, or a brief yoga session to ease tension. Saray values her Oura Ring for monitoring her activity.

Lunchtime Walks: Take a break and go for a walk outdoors instead of eating lunch at your desk. Not only does it provide physical activity, but it also helps clear your mind and enhance creativity.

Mindful Movement: Practice mindfulness during exercise by focusing on your breath and body sensations. This can turn your workout into a meditative experience, reducing stress and promoting mental clarity.

Weekend Adventures: Use weekends as an opportunity to explore new activities and adventures. Whether it’s hiking, dancing, or trying a new fitness class, find activities that bring you joy and keep you active outside of work.

Accountability Partners: Pair with a friend, colleague, or coach to keep each other on track with staying active. Sharing goals and progress can offer motivation and encouragement, a method Saray also employs with her Oura Ring.

Rest and Recovery: Take time to rest and recharge through sleep, meditation, or gentle stretching, as rest is vital for overall well-being. Saray values her Oura Ring, which tracks her daily activity and sleep, advising her when to push herself or take a break.

Spiritual Connection: Incorporate spirituality into your routine to nourish your soul. Whether it’s through meditation, prayer, or listening to inspirational music like Saray does on her bike rides, connecting with your spiritual side can bring peace, purpose, and balance to your life.

Family Bike Rides: Enjoy bike rides with your family whenever possible. While Saray often rides solo to reflect and recharge, she also values biking with her family. These shared moments strengthen family bonds, create lasting memories, and keep everyone active.

Saray Taylor-Roman advocates for holistic self-care, encompassing mental and emotional wellness. Through her Monetize Your Expertise Workshop, she tackles obstacles such as imposter syndrome and burnout commonly encountered by women entrepreneurs. Her workshops foster success by instilling a mindset of abundance, confidence, and self-compassion.

Saray Taylor-Roman motivates people to realize their true potential through her Monetize Your Expertise Workshop. Her authentic approach and innovative thinking encourages others to embrace their path, attain financial freedom, and chase their dreams. For more insights into Saray’s work visit https://www.saraynow.com/.



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