Sarah Alysse Helps People Live Well Through Fitness and Stress Management

Photo Credit: Alicia Hickey

The fast-paced and high-demand culture we live in can often leave people overwhelmed, stressed, and even burnt out. As more people fall into the sinkhole of the rushes of reality, many resign to the fact that there’s no other way out. Sarah Alysse, a fitness coach and stress management expert begs to differ. 

“Though often overlooked, stress management and self-care are incredibly valuable,” shares the founder and CEO of leading coaching business, Live Well Enhance You. “In a world that is focused on work and money, we forget to quiet the noise and just relax.” A creative stress management coach, Sarah has one goal – to help clients achieve greatness. She does so by showing people how to sustainably pursue their dreams while also taking time to slow down and rejuvenate when exhausted by life’s demands. 

Sarah’s journey towards fitness and nutrition started in college. She was a BFA Musical Theater student at Columbia College in Chicago who excelled in singing and acting but had challenges with dance. When realizing how poor her core stability and balance were, she started taking up Pilates and saw significant results within her dance and performance work.

After graduating from university, Sarah Alysse traveled through Europe. Through that trip, she would discover her passion for fitness. Upon returning to the United States, the inspired coach enrolled in STOTT PILATES® courses and became a certified Pilates instructor. Through her craft, she found a way to explore the vast connections between the mind and body. 

Tragedy would strike Sarah’s family when discovering that her father had Stage 4 Kidney Cancer. After her father passed away, she would dedicate her life to managing her stress and helping other people do the same. She shared similar stressors as her father causing migraine headaches but in addition she had severe panic attacks causing heart palpitations. The more she researched, she found that if overlooked, stress could lead to inflammation, disease, and cancer. Focusing on her fitness, meditation and self affirmations became sustainable practices that assisted her in improving her health. Due to her personal experiences, Sarah has vowed to make it her mission to spread awareness on the importance of managing stress and creating behavioral changes to enhance individuals’ lives.

Today, Sarah provides her clients with the necessary knowledge and practical applications to answer three of today’s most significant health concerns: stress, fitness, and poor nutrition. As a stress management and fitness coach, she helps high-performing, and high-achieving professionals find more balance in life, which will help them sustain their overall quality of life. 

Sarah has also earned an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certification and NASM Personal Trainer certification. She creates personalized programs for her clients, including everything they need to win in their health and wellness journey; worksheets, workouts, book recommendations and a comprehensive guide to living a healthy lifestyle.

Sarah approaches her clients’ journeys moving from the inside out, focusing first on people’s mindsets and educating them on the brain-gut connection. She then proceeds to help people develop more mindfulness and awareness of their stressors and gives them the tools necessary to manage them better. Lastly, she starts training people’s bodies by elevating their fitness performance with functional movements.

Through twelve years of practice in her field, Sarah has grown a niche amongst people seeking athletic conditioning, prenatal and postnatal, and post-surgery rehabilitation. She has also trained many other clients in strength conditioning, mindset coaching, brain-gut connection, and many other programs.

Sarah Alysse is currently expanding her Corporate Executive Coaching program to Entrepreneurs that takes on a holistic approach to teaching people to adapt to the world’s increasing demands. She also runs a podcast called “Stress Free SOULutions with Sarah.” She also hopes to write a book about her wellness journey inspiring more people to get “unstuck” and live the life they wish to live. 

To learn more about Sarah Alysse and Live Well Enhance You, visit their website and Instagram account. Listen to Stress Free SOULutions Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.


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