Sara Rosberg and Her Journey To Launching Sense-Tex: A Smart Textile Company

Photo Credit: Sense-Tex

In the midst of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Sara Rosberg experienced a profound personal loss — the passing of her mother. While it was certainly an emotional time, Sara turned her grief into a spark of inspiration. Pulling on the pain of being isolated from her mother, she imagined a world where clothes would serve as more than just a fashion statement. She started designing Sense-Tex – smart textiles that could provide real-time health metrics without compromising on comfort or sustainability.

Her ponderings gave birth to a groundbreaking idea: Sense-Tex. More than just a brand, Sense-Tex embodies Sara’s vision of blending health, connectivity, and ecological responsibility. Driven by a deep-seated desire to protect loved ones and prioritize sustainability throughout the supply chain, Sara embarked on a collaborative journey.

In 2021, she partnered with Marcelo Boldt, a visionary space engineer. By 2022, textile engineers from Turkey joined the mission, pooling their expertise to bring Sense-Tex to life. Today, Sara’s story serves as a testament to innovation borne out of personal pain, and her legacy with Sense-Tex promises a brighter, safer future for us all.

What Does Sense-Tex Do?

Through the eyes of a consumer, Sense-Tex represents a seamless union of style, functionality, and sustainability. Formulated as a 5-fiber yarn-thread mixture, it comprises two conductors and three natural fibers. This balanced composition gives rise to a health-enhancing, sustainable fabric fit for Smart Textile applications. Beyond just a textile, it acts as a guard against harmful chemicals, viruses, and bacteria. And when paired with sensors, Sense-Tex stands out as a significant contributor to the tech advancements in the fashion realm. In other words, Sense-Tex is a comfortable cloth that can be used for both fashion and health.

A Better Way To Dress

Following her personal tragedy, Sara found herself asking – “Is there a better way to protect our loved ones?” Sense-Tex has been born with both this question and the question of affordability on top of mind. For Sara and her team at Sense-Tex, the essence of her work goes beyond business. It’s about bridging gaps and making innovations like Sense-Tex accessible to all. “Safety and health should not be a question of financial status,” she reflects.

She also views her company as an opportunity to encourage individuality and self-expression.

“Make statements with your clothes,” Sara encourages. For now, her statement is clear. “In a world filled with rejection… I am inspired by people who find strength within themselves.” And she is one of those people. Turning her own personal sorrow into a company woven with hope, sustainability, and purpose, she is living proof that life is what you make it.

More Information About Sara Rosberg and Sense-Tex

For Sara, her work transcends business. It’s about fostering inclusivity and creating solutions that cater to everyone. Having faced her one challenges both personally and professionally, she is now focused on giving back. As a mother, an innovator, and a visionary, Sara continues to pave a new path in the textile industry while looking to create a world where people never have to experience what she did in her hardest moments. For more information, you can visit her,, or follow her journey on LinkedIn.

A special thanks:

Despite her own sacrifice and dedication, Rosberg recognizes that she could not have accomplished all she has with the team of individuals that believed in her vision and her product: Tahir Haytoglu, Sima Gila Sarfetti – FETIH TEKSTIL (Marketing Manager) Yalcin Demirbag – FETIH TEKSTIL (R&D Manager) Semiha Sagnak- FETIH TEKSTIL (Design Manager) Sebnem Orkide Alaca – FETIH TEKSTIL (Senior Designer) Fatih Susamci – OZEN MENSUCAT (Fabric Project Manager) and last but not least Mr. Gokhan Tandogan – KIPAS TEXTILES (Yarn R&D Manager).

Sara would like to express her gratitude to everyone who has been part of the journey and working with Transforming Textiles.


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