Samantha Jacobson Shares Expert Advice on PR and Broadcasting Through “Power of TV”

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Renowned PR expert and TenXPR Founder, Samantha Jacobson imparts her knowledge on leveraging television for maximum impact

Introducing “Power of TV” and Samantha Jacobson

In today’s fast-paced media landscape, the “Power of TV” remains a vital force for shaping public opinion, driving brand exposure, and reaching wider audiences. With over two decades of experience in the PR and broadcasting industry, Samantha Jacobson, founder of TenXPR,  has become a leading expert in harnessing the power of television to create successful marketing and communication campaigns. Having worked with a diverse range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies, authors, Brands, Industry Experts, and CEOs Jacobson’s expertise and unique approach have made her a sought-after authority in the realm of television broadcasting.

Building Your TV Pitch

Samantha Jacobson emphasizes the importance of crafting an effective TV pitch. “Developing captivating topics, headlines, and talking points is crucial for capturing your audience’s attention,” Jacobson says. Furthermore, she advises focusing on a clear call to action, which motivates viewers and encourages them to engage with the message. According to Jacobson, understanding your audience and tailoring the pitch to their interests is crucial for creating a successful television appearance.

Assembling Your TV Team

The world of television moves quickly, and Jacobson knows that timing is everything. To secure a spot on a coveted show or news segment, she recommends acting fast and assembling a dedicated TV team. “This group should be constantly monitoring opportunities and be prepared to pitch your story at a moment’s notice,” Jacobson explains. She stresses that in this competitive field, it is often the first who respond that secure the best opportunities.

Being Ready to Act

Proactivity is key in the television industry, as news and events evolve rapidly. To capitalize on this, Samantha Jacobson advises staying ahead of current events and being the first person on the radar of news stations. “When I saw a news clip about the Washington Redskins being sold, I knew it was an opportunity to act quickly and secure a spot for my client to discuss the issue on television,” she shares. This proactive approach is essential for those looking to maximize their television exposure and establish themselves as experts in their fields.


At the end of the day, getting on tv is all about having the right knowledge and team in place. If you are looking for additional exposure for your brand and think tv is a strong option for you, Samantha Jacobson and her team at TenXPR would love to work with you. With her wealth of experience and forward-thinking approach, Samantha Jacobson is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to expand their reach and build their brand. By leveraging over twenty years of experience and connections in the industry, she is well-equipped to help her clients reach their goals. You can visit her here on Linkedin or Instagram for more information. 


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