Ruben Hillar’s PolygloTees: Where Fashion Meets the Universal Language of Connection

Ruben Hillar
Photo Credited to Ruben Hillar

Have you ever wandered down a bustling street and felt an unspoken connection with a stranger, wishing you had something that would help you engage with them but instead  kept walking? Meet Ruben Hillar, founder of the clothing line PolygloTees – an innovative apparel line that’s giving voice to those silent encounters. Offering more than just clothes to wear, each item at PolygloTees is a conversation starter for multiple languages and cultures. But PolygloTees isn’t merely a foray into fashion. For Hillar, it’s a mission to turn clothing into connection, communication and community.

The conception of PolygloTees is a blend of Hillar’s familial ties to the garment industry and his enchantment with languages and facilitating relationships. Hillar, who boasts an MBA in entrepreneurial studies, envisioned, with PolygloTees, an avenue that would bring people together through common interests and the desire to build connections around them.

Unlike run-of-the-mill clothing brands, PolygloTees goes beyond catchy slogans or eye-catching designs. The products are simple but purposeful; each garment offering an invitation through a simple question, “Do you speak x?” that beckons a response and opens the doorway to meaningful conversations. Think of them as passports to social explorations.

So, what kind of interactions can you expect when donning PolygloTees? Whether you’re wearing a tee, a sweatshirt, or sporting a tote bag, two forms of connection may happen. The first is linguistic: wear a PolygloTee, and you might just find yourself swapping favorite phrases with a fellow language lover nearby. The second connection stems from Hillar’s idea of “tribes” –  groups united by common interests, be it sports, lifestyle choices, or even food preferences. These tribes are shaped by the feedback Hillar gets from the Polyglotees community, and they evolve while intentionally avoiding contentious topics like politics and religion.  Customer input is vital to PolygloTees’ dynamism. “Both languages and tribes grew because people asked us to. That’s how we got the fashion and drag tribes and languages such as Valencian and Persian” .

Hillar himself is a testament to the brand’s effectiveness. “I’m naturally a bit reserved,” he revealed, “yet wearing PolygloTees has led me to incredible conversations with folks I’d otherwise pass by without a second thought.”

In the bustling crossroads of fashion and social interaction, PolygloTees emerges as an audacious, inspiring, and enlightening venture. It transforms our view of what clothing can be. It’s not just a brand; it’s a call to action, a social wave, and the genesis of a whole new way of interacting.

So, are you excited to wear your own social icebreaker? Step into PolygloTees’ eclectic range and express your unique flair. Visit and become a part of a movement that transcends mere words, forging heartfelt connections across the globe. Wear your language, honor your tribe, and let the dialogues begin.


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