Roni Davis Spills the Secrets to Embracing Love in Her Newest Book, “How to be Single: Color Code Dating and the Love Cycle”

Dating can be exhausting in this day and age, where people are more geared to search for immediate gratification instead of a long-lasting connection. A new era of dating has emerged, one pervaded by impatience and a yearning for validation – which is evident in dating app culture and hookup culture. In such a messy new dating landscape, finding a loving relationship has become a rare and priceless experience. But with some guidance and expertise from certified life coaches like Roni Davis, chances at a lucky strike from Cupid might suddenly be at an all-time high.

Roni has been helping people throughout her entire adult life. She has walked a handful of different paths, filling in different roles such as being a psychologist, life coach, hair stylist, and CEO of a non-profit, making her vast experience a hub of knowledge for those in need of guidance. “My experience wearing many hats has placed me in direct contact with various walks of life,” she shares. These life learnings have contributed to and manifested in the form of her latest creative pursuit, Roni’s best-selling book, “How to be Single: Color Code Dating and the Love Cycle.”

Motivated by the purpose of building empires for people of the world to benefit from, Roni says that her experiences have led her to this place – where she can build a brand that moves the world up and forward. “Relationships were my way to do it; helping those who need it most,” she explains. “How to be Single: Color Code Dating and the Love Cycle” delves into the importance of self-love as the foundation for truly embracing any potential love interests or a mating partner. She hopes that people finding themselves in the middle of negative and chaotic dating experiences will be able to find solace and direction through her book. “I want to share this book with everyone who finds themselves confused or in a dilemma in the dating world. Whether you’re in a relationship, divorced, dating or courting,” Roni shared.

Chock full of advantageous insights on dating, Roni’s book is available for pre-order at her site and contains multiple dating methods, date terminology explainers, extensive and entertaining true-life dating stories, and a dating workbook. Apart from that, Roni has built a community akin to a little book club, with readers that have incorporated her methods into their dating life. This community, called the Pro Daters Society, has its own collection of dating lingo and a list of Dating Do’s and Don’ts all listed down in what they coin as the Date-tionary, making it a unique and interactive experience for fans of How to be Single: Color Code Dating and the Love Cycle.

Roni’s greatest hope for her book is for it to reach anyone in a situation that calls for clarity and counseling, as she wishes that by using her methods and strategies, they will be able to navigate their love life and dating experiences with more control and less pain.


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