Rick Cohen’s Recipe for Real Societal Change: The Worthy Cause Story

Rick Cohen's Recipe for Real Societal Change: The Worthy Cause Story
Photo Courtesy: Rick Cohen

Worthy Cause, a social enterprise charity founded by Rick Cohen, has been transforming lives since 2021 through its innovative approach to tackling unemployment among vulnerable individuals. Through an impressive program built on baking and selling artisanal cookies, Rick and the team at Worthy Cause are creating opportunities for those who have faced barriers to employment—one cookie at a time. 

A Personal Journey of Empathy and Action

Rick’s journey with Worthy Cause is deeply rooted in empathy and his own lived experience. His personal struggles with abuse and mental health challenges shaped his perspective on the world. His passion for social change, coupled with a love for cooking, paved the way for the founding of Worthy Cause.

Reflecting on his journey, Rick shares, “Everyone who works or starts a charity comes from lived experience. I was abused, and it shaped how I saw the world.” This empathy forms the foundation of Worthy Cause’s compassionate and tailored approach to empowerment.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Worthy Cause’s mission goes beyond providing employment; it’s about instilling a sense of purpose and dignity in individuals who have faced marginalization and disadvantage. Through a structured 6-month employment program, participants receive not just a job, but also financial literacy training, emotional counseling, and skills development in a supportive environment.

Rick highlights the importance of meaningful work, stating, “To be employable is to be self-sufficient. It’s not just teaching people to work; it’s teaching them that their life is meaningful.” By focusing on holistic empowerment, Worthy Cause enables individuals to build confidence and reclaim control over their lives.

Tips for Driving Societal Change

There is so much in today’s society that needs to be changed—but how? Rick shares his simple tips for driving societal change from where you are: 

Find Your Niche

For Rick, it was obvious that cooking was the way to go. He smoothly incorporates his skills and passion for cooking into his work at Worthy Cause. Figure out what it is that you do best and how you can use your skills to help others. 

Rick Cohen's Recipe for Real Societal Change: The Worthy Cause Story
Photo Courtesy: Rick Cohen

Strike a Balance

Running a social enterprise comes with its share of challenges, but Rick remains committed to Worthy Cause’s vision of creating positive social change. One of the biggest hurdles he faces is striking a balance between empathy and professionalism. Maintaining a sincere connection with participants while upholding professional boundaries is crucial to fostering a supportive environment.

Look to the Future

Never stop dreaming about what you can do next. Rick encourages forward-thinking and innovation, urging individuals to envision grander possibilities beyond their immediate goals. As Worthy Cause continues to grow, Rick envisions expanding its impact beyond employment. The grander vision is to create a socially and environmentally responsible company that supports the employment program while venturing into new avenues such as art, music, and clothing.

Join the Movement

Worthy Cause is more than just a charity—it’s a movement fueled by compassion and determination. Every purchase of their artisanal cookies contributes to a larger cause of empowering vulnerable individuals and fostering inclusive communities. 

Worthy Cause exemplifies the power of empathy, action, and resilience in driving real societal change. By prioritizing dignity, empowerment, and inclusivity, Worthy Cause continues to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need.

You can find Rich Cohen on LinkedIn and shop cookies from Worthy Cause here.


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