Retiring in Abu Dhabi: The Perfect Blend of Global Opportunities, Vitality, and Security – Insights from Brij Bali and International Talent Hub Ltd.

Brij Bali
Photo Credited to Brij Bali

Written by: Beena Yusuf

Published Through: Olivia Washington

A recent global survey by medical company Veolar and Magmatic Research identified Abu Dhabi as one of the top cities globally to retire, matching perfectly with the experience of Brij Bali, a Canadian transplant carrying profound views about the city’s suitability for retirees. Brij first set foot in Abu Dhabi in 2006, and fast forward to the year 2020, he chose to retire in this attractive city after spending years contributing to the higher education, charity, and corporate sectors.

Brij’s persona isn’t confined to his professional roles; apart from being a philanthropist and a social innovator, he is a mentor to global startups and serves as an advisor to the Canadian Business Council Abu Dhabi. His mission extends further to enhancing the senior’s ecosystem in the emirate through his social enterprise, International Talent Hub, focusing on providing resources and services to senior citizens and residents.

Several attributes made Abu Dhabi an appealing retirement destination for Brij. These encompass societal factors like safety, financial security, healthcare excellence, and connectivity with the rest of the world. In fact, he highly applauds the first-rate health system in Abu Dhabi, which he personally experienced during crucial health challenges. He also appreciates the city’s security, making it extremely safe even for seniors to venture out anytime.

Furthermore, Brij highly appreciates Abu Dhabi’s investment in senior citizens. The world population is aging; thanks to improved healthcare, years of productivity are increasing. Societies worldwide are witnessing an active engagement of senior citizens in developmental pursuits. With a paradigm shift steering seniors to valued roles within organizations as mentors, advisors, and leaders, a happier and more active senior population is emerging, which Brij views as something worth celebrating.

In terms of activities and societal contribution, Abu Dhabi offers a treasure trove. The city is filled to the brim with activities – from arts and culture, parks, beaches, and fitness events to conferences and theaters. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahayan, as the current ruling President of the United Arab Emirates, fosters entrepreneurial growth and intergenerational connections with youth. Brij witnessed this in his leadership role in the national volunteering program, “Takatof” of the Emirates Foundation, from 2009 to 2016. The program amassed millions of volunteering hours across the country and fostered strong connections among seniors and youth.

Brij applauds the recent expansion of visa options in Abu Dhabi, a factor that nudged him to retire in the city. The introduction of long-term retirement visas and golden visas for entrepreneurs allows both locals and expats to pursue their dreams. It has also paved the way for retirees to connect with their extended families, solidifying Abu Dhabi as a place that caters to everyone from infants to the elderly.

Abu Dhabi also provides a wide variety of community involvement opportunities for retirees run by Ma’an (Authority of Social Contribution), the Department of Community Development (DCD), and the Family Development Foundation. Corporate and university initiatives also offer retirees a chance to stay active. Brij reflects fondly on his time volunteering at various city events, including the 2019 World Special Olympics and annual Formula One races. His services were met with deep appreciation from the H.H. Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, whose thanks continue to motivate his commitment to the UAE and its residents.

With a motto to “Connect the World, Build Prosperity”, the International Talent Hub welcomes everyone to the “Global Crossroads of Opportunity”. Offering a world where innovation knows no borders and success speaks every language, the vision and strength of this platform align perfectly with the rich landscape of Abu Dhabi’s retirement ecosystem.

During his retirement, Brij continues to contribute to the emirates through The International Talent Hub Ltd., connecting the world and building prosperity by focusing on seniors’ services and resources. For anyone considering retirement destinations, Brij’s experiences shed light on the abundant opportunities, safety, and quality of life in Abu Dhabi. Considering its thriving seniors’ ecosystem enriched by government support, healthcare system, security, and community involvement, the emirate is potentially a perfect place for retirees globally.

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