The Latest Microbiome Research Reveals a Surprising Health Risk – Conventional Oral Care

The Latest Microbiome Research Reveals a Surprising Health Risk – Conventional Oral Care
Photo Courtesy: OSSA Care

Your typical oral hygiene products – like fluoride toothpaste and antiseptic mouthwashes – are often made with harsh ingredients. Although widely used, these products are implicated in: disruption of oral and overall microbiome health, contributing to inflammation, and even increasing the risk of hypertension and diabetes. And leaders in Health & Wellness Science are taking note, using greater care in choosing and recommending certain oral care products. Dr. Andrew Huberman (Huberman Lab) even recently highlighted the critical role of oral microbiome health, an issue he deemed so important that he added it as one of the core pillars of physical and mental health. With dental professionals and experts, he recommended moving away from certain standard oral care products (like alcohol-based mouthwash) to improve your overall health.   

As companies rush to create innovative oral care solutions, one pioneering brand is way ahead of the curve. OSSA is the brainchild of Dr. Camille Zenobia, a renowned oral care expert and scientist. Recognizing and observing firsthand the detrimental effects of traditional oral hygiene products on the mouth’s microbiome and surrounding oral tissues, she created new products that were not only free from traditional harsh ingredients but also nurture a healthy microbiome. Instead of the standard oral care approach of stripping and destroying the microbiome out of our mouths, OSSA products respect the mouth’s unique and powerful ability to heal its own tissues.

To nurture this incredible capability, OSSA is the first to innovate the use of Niacinamide in its oral care products. Both flagship products – OSSA Toothpaste and OSSA Mouth Serum – are formulated with Niacinamide, a potent microbiome-friendly ingredient known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The signature OSSA Mouth Serum also combines the defensive power of Niacinamide with Hyaluronan, another star ingredient well-known in skincare for its hydrating capabilities. Used together, OSSA Toothpaste and OSSA Mouth Serum work to fight daily inflammatory insults and support a healthy microbiome while nourishing and moisturizing your delicate oral tissues. These OSSA products stand out in a crowded market filled with fluoride-laden toothpaste and alcohol-based mouthwashes.

And dental professionals agree. Dr. Dean Chencharik (Cosmetic Dentist and Co-Owner of The Art of Dentistry) remarks, “I have found that many patients are now looking for healthier alternatives to traditional oral care products. OSSA products have filled that need. I have found that the OSSA products I have used have improved my overall oral health where traditional toothpastes and rinses have failed.”

With more than half of the US population suffering from oral inflammation, an innovative approach is sorely needed. This common issue not only affects oral health but can also lead to more severe systemic health problems if left untreated. Addressing such a widespread problem requires a solution that is both effective and gentle, catering to the diverse needs of sufferers.

OSSA is at the forefront of this revolution in oral care. By targeting oral inflammation at its source, OSSA’s products utilize gentle yet potent ingredients that are designed to soothe and heal rather than merely mask the symptoms. Their patent-pending formulas are crafted through rigorous scientific research, ensuring each component works harmoniously to reduce inflammation, promote healing, and restore oral health.

Unlike traditional oral care products that often rely on harsh chemicals and abrasives, OSSA’s offerings are formulated with a deep understanding of the delicate balance required for maintaining oral health. This makes their products suitable for all ages and conditions, providing relief without causing additional irritation or damage.

OSSA’s approach goes beyond the typical scope of toothpaste or mouthwash. They are committed to educating the public about the importance of proactive oral health care and the connection between oral inflammation and overall well-being. By doing so, OSSA is not just offering products but is also fostering a greater awareness and a more comprehensive understanding of oral health.

In leading this revolution, OSSA is setting a new standard for oral care products. Their innovative solutions are designed to be a vital part of daily routines, helping individuals achieve lasting oral health and improve their quality of life. As they continue to pioneer advancements in oral care, OSSA is poised to make a significant impact on the health and wellness of the population, proving that effective oral care can be both innovative and gentle.

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