Renowned Nigerian Lawyer Kayode Akinsola Looks to Further His Impact in America

As the years go on, more industries develop, thus emphasizing the need for companies to develop laws to resolve any problems occurring within the organizations. The need has opened job opportunities for law students to further their careers. Kayode Akinsola is an accomplished individual who has lent his knowledge and services to several companies.

Kayode Akinsola is a Nigerian business lawyer who has made a name for himself in the business sector. He read statistics at the Nigerian Premier University in Ibadan, Nigeria, dreaming and preparing to study law. Akinsola would later realize his dreams, bagging a bachelor of Law degree at the same university.

While others stop and either take a breather or believe they’ve reached the end of their journey, Akinsola decided to go even further. Not only did he take the bar examination, but he also passed it. So, after jumping over another hurdle, Akinsola enrolled in the Nigeria bar, where he practiced as a solicitor and advocate to the Supreme Court height in Nigeria. 

Although his resume was more than enough to get him far into his career, Kayode Akinsola decided to add to his knowledge further. Accordingly, he pursued postgraduate courses around Nigeria. He even went abroad, studying at Business School Netherland, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in the UK, and the Berkman Society of the Harvard Law School.

With his education, Akinsola served in Public, Private Boards, and parastatals, working as the former Special Assistant to the Governor of Ogun State. He specialized in the commercial law practice, a privilege he earned through his ranking as one of the foremost Nigerian commercial lawyers by the ranking agency in the United Kingdom in 2014. Akinsola was also called to the Nigerian bar to practice the business law to the Supreme Court, allowing him to sit on various blue-chip companies in Africa.

With so many ventures and achievements to his name, Kayode Akinsola became a high-profile business lawyer for any investor thinking of doing business in Africa. In 2013, he decided to take his career even further by Queens Attorney LP International Firm, redefining international law firms in Africa in the 20th Century by meeting the challenges of the global economy in the 21st and beyond.

“We inject to meters our broad-based perspectives, deep insights of the global economy and world markets of fortified and multi-skilled lawyers and their teachers are drawn from Canada, Europe, and Africa to our practice,” he shared. “Across borders, we tower above the global economy challenges at offering world-class legal services, which is an indicator of being at the forefront of its evolution. Being a modern relationship-driven legal services provider with our offices in Nigeria in Africa, Canada, and the United Kingdom.”

With Queens Attorneys, Kayode Akinsola is the founder and the managing partner, overseeing the Lagos, Ogun State offices, and other international contacts. “We have successfully carried out major transactions in Africa, and we are currently extending to the United States,” he shared.

As Akinsola continues to make waves in Africa, he is optimistic about establishing a solid base in the United States of America.Learn more about Kayode Akinsola by visiting his official website.


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