Reddy Wings Opens First Franchise for Healthier Fast Food

Reddy Wings Opens First Franchise for Healthier Fast Food
Photo Courtesy: Norlyque Redd

By: Mae Cornes

(Towson, Maryland) — Reddy Wings announces the launch of its first franchise, setting a new standard for healthier fast food options across the United States. This move marks a milestone for Reddy Wings’ budding prominence and a bigger platform to advocate great food without health risks.

Fresh Cooking Technology

Led by Norlyque Redd, Reddy Wings stands out with its use of commercial air frying technology—predominantly for its chicken wings. This method significantly reduces the calorie and fat content found in traditional fast food. 

“Our air frying technique produces dishes that have 75% fewer calories and 20% less fat but maintain all the flavor our customers expect,” says Redd. “Commercial air frying is still not common, and we’re proud to pioneer its use.” 

This stays true to Reddy Wings’ mission to provide meals that support a healthy lifestyle while delivering the convenience and taste of fast food.

Supporting Entrepreneurs and Expansion

Reddy Wings places a strong emphasis on the training and support provided to entrepreneurs who operate under its banner, implementing rigorous protocols designed to ensure consistency in both quality and service across all its outlets. This structured approach to franchisee education helps to maintain a uniform standard, which in turn significantly enhances the brand’s reputation, not only in customer service but also in the quality of its food creations. The effectiveness of this strategy is evident in the seamless operations and positive customer feedback observed at various locations.

Among its offerings, Reddy Wings’ signature dishes—such as the 24k Gold Reddy Wings, Vegan Sweet Potato Pie, and their range of Cold-Pressed Juices—have struck a chord with consumers, standing out both for their unique flavor profiles and their health benefits. The 24k Gold Reddy Wings, known for their luxurious and Instagram-worthy presentation, offer a gourmet twist on a classic favorite. Meanwhile, the Vegan Sweet Potato Pie caters to a growing demand for plant-based options, delivering both taste and nutritional value. The Cold-Pressed Juices, made from fresh, high-quality ingredients, are celebrated for their vitality-boosting properties.

Reddy Wings’ diverse avenues of customer engagement, such as local events, robust delivery services, and strong foot traffic in stores, have collectively contributed to the brand securing a significant clientele. These efforts amplify the brand’s visibility and accessibility, ensuring that customers can enjoy Reddy Wings’ offerings through various convenient channels. This multifaceted approach has not only helped to build a loyal customer base but has also reinforced the brand’s position in the competitive fast food market as a provider of both delicious and nutritious options.

“Our goal is to build brand trust, encourage more entrepreneurs to join our growing franchise family, and educate consumers about the health benefits of choosing air-fried foods over deep-fried alternatives,” Redd added.

Reddy Wings’ “the better way to wing” tagline assures a healthier fast food option for consumers. “This is just the beginning,” affirms Redd. “We plan to expand into at least three additional states within 12 months, bringing our unique food and business model to different markets.”

Visit Reddy Wings’ website to learn more about its healthier fast food options.

About Reddy Wings

Reddy Wings was founded by Norlyque Redd with a vision to transform the fast food industry. By using nutritious ingredients and air-frying technology, Reddy Wings offers a compelling alternative. From chicken wings and salads to slushies and cold-pressed juices, Reddy Wings assures “the better way to wing.”

Published by: Nelly Chavez


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