RBS Counseling & Educational Services LLC Helping Children and Families Thrive through Its Life-Changing Programs

Influencing change in a generation requires a wholesome approach, which entails giving young children the right education and environment to grow in and families the support they need to thrive. As someone passionate about helping struggling children and families, LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts and her family established RBS Counseling & Educational Services LLC to improve the lives of thousands. They also aimed to continue the legacy of their mother, Richardean B. Stokes, by providing the resources that children and families need to thrive.

Spearheading the project is LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts, a mental health counselor, kids’ life coach and entrepreneur who has turned her passion into a business and a platform to change lives. The mother of two who was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, and raised in South Carolina, holds a Master of Arts degree in Human Services Counseling/Marriage and Family Cognate from Liberty University.  She also has a Master of Science in Human Services/Social and Community Services from Capella University and is currently working towards her Master of Social Work at Capella University. She is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern for the state of Florida and is now extending her impact through RBS Counseling & Educational Services LLC.

RBS Counseling & Educational Services LLC offers a wide range of programs designed to give back to the community, such as back-to-school care events, mental health/wellness forums, reaching beyond self-workshops, podcast interviews, educational workshops, and other activities. These programs cover life-changing initiatives like mental health services and educational and life coaching services to children and families.  RBS Counseling & Educational Services LLC utilizes the child’s interests and strengths to enhance each training session.

Beyond all the programs geared towards improving children’s lives and families, each session comes with many hands-on fun activities that connect life coaching with education. Participants also get to access these services face-to-face, through virtual websites and group sessions. Through RBS Counseling & Educational Services LLC, LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts has been able to turn her passion and talents into a business venture that serves others and gives them a better shot at life. Also, her mother’s penchant for helping others and serving the community gave her all the needed motivation to launch the brand and work hard at keeping up its remarkable works.

Over the next few years, LaDeidra’s goal for RBS Counseling & Educational Services LLC is to expand into different states where more children, adults, couples, and families can access strength-based interventions. She also hopes to get the chance to offer professional development and training in private and public schools. And as someone who has seen many people turn their lives around, she wants to be a source of motivation to anyone struggling to keep hopes alive.

“I want everyone to believe in his or her craft and read my story to be inspired to turn their passion, talents, and interest into business ventures,” she said.


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