Raj Beri: A Journey of Entrepreneurial Spirit and Global Impact

Raj Beri: A Journey of Entrepreneurial Spirit and Global Impact
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Raj Beri, a visionary entrepreneur and investor, has a rich tapestry of experiences spanning continents and industries. Born in New Delhi, India, and raised in Dubai and Sydney before settling in the US, Raj’s diverse background laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial journey. With a career starting in day trading to founding multiple companies in the beverage, retail, and real estate sectors, Raj’s ventures have garnered international acclaim, including significant achievements in the beverage industry and pioneering entries in the cannabis market on Nasdaq. A self-made success, Raj’s philosophy intertwines innovation, investment acumen, and a commitment to philanthropy, particularly in supporting homeless communities.

Q&A with Raj Beri

Can you tell us about your early life and how it influenced your career?

“Born in New Delhi, India, my family moved to Dubai when I was just six months old, and then we migrated to Sydney, Australia, when I was 13. These diverse cultural experiences from a young age taught me adaptability and resilience. Living in different countries exposed me to various business practices and work ethics, which significantly influenced my entrepreneurial journey. Moving to Los Angeles at around 40 and then to Palm Beach, Florida, in 2020 further diversified my understanding of global markets.”

What led you to pursue a degree in bio-chemistry, and how did you transition into entrepreneurship?

“I was always fascinated by science and how things work at a molecular level, which led me to pursue a degree in bio-chemistry at the University of Western Sydney. However, during my third year, my entrepreneurial spirit took over. I started my first company, leading me to leave my degree behind. Despite not completing my formal education, my hands-on business experience has been equivalent to a Master’s degree in commerce, as assessed by a reputable accreditation body.”

You’ve never worked for anyone else in your life. What drove you to take this path of self-employment?

“From a young age, I had a strong desire to create and build something of my own. The thrill of turning ideas into successful businesses was far more appealing than the prospect of working for someone else. This drive, combined with my early exposure to diverse cultures and economies, fueled my entrepreneurial journey, allowing me to explore various industries and create multiple successful companies.”

Your career has spanned several industries. Can you highlight some key achievements?

“My career began with day trading and creating my own investment fund, followed by scaling a retail business in the gas station and convenience sector to over $500 million in annual revenues. I then moved into luxury home development, where I developed award-winning homes in Sydney and Palm Beach. Since 2010, I’ve been heavily involved in the beverage industry, creating Australia’s first Cocktail Bitters brand and achieving significant milestones like selling a family company brand to Coca-Cola and launching the world’s first energy & immunity beverage at the height of COVID, which was sold to a US public company. More recently, my focus has shifted to investment, where I’ve co-founded international cannabis companies listed on Nasdaq and advised on over $300 million in capital raises.”

What hobbies do you enjoy, and how do they reflect your personal values?

“Cooking, wine collecting, and tasting, along with playing poker, are hobbies that not only provide me with personal satisfaction but also reflect my love for strategy, quality, and giving back. My involvement in charities, especially those focused on feeding the homeless, highlights my commitment to community service and making a tangible difference in people’s lives.”

With such a diverse career, what advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

“My advice is to remain adaptable, be willing to learn continuously, and not fear failure. Each industry I’ve ventured into has taught me invaluable lessons. Embrace every experience, whether it leads to success or a learning opportunity. Most importantly, find something you’re passionate about—this passion will be your driving force during challenging times.”

Key Takeaways

  • Diverse Backgrounds Fuel Innovation: Raj Beri‘s journey underscores the value of diverse cultural and geographic experiences in shaping a versatile and resilient entrepreneurial mindset. His upbringing and life in India, Dubai, Australia, and the US have provided him with unique insights and adaptability, enabling him to navigate and succeed in various industries.
  • Entrepreneurship as a Lifelong Commitment: Raj’s story highlights the essence of entrepreneurship as not just a career choice but a lifelong commitment. Starting from his early departure from a traditional education path to founding and scaling multiple businesses, his journey reflects a deep-seated drive to innovate, challenge the status quo, and create value on a global scale.
  • Philanthropy and Business Success Are Intertwined: Beyond his business achievements, Raj Beri’s dedication to philanthropy, especially his efforts to feed the homeless, showcases the integral role social responsibility plays in his life. His approach illustrates that true success encompasses not just financial gains but also the impact one makes on society and the lives of others.

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