Pure Clear Filters Wins a 2024 Global Recognition Award™

Pure Clear Filters Wins a 2024 Global Recognition Award™
Photo Courtesy: Mike Rushton

By: Mae Cornes

New York, March 2024 – Pure Clear Filters Ltd has been honored with a 2024 Global Recognition Award, a testament to its innovative approach and significant achievements in the water hydration industry. This prestigious accolade underscores the company’s dedication to providing high-quality water filter products that cater to a growing demand for accessible, safe drinking water. Founded on innovation, affordability, and effectiveness principles, Pure Clear Filters Ltd has rapidly established itself as a leader in its field, marking an impressive journey from its inception.

The award highlights the company’s exceptional performance over the past year. This achievement is particularly noteworthy, considering the company’s status as a newcomer in the competitive market. Pure Clear Filters Ltd’s ability to secure a substantial customer base and forge partnerships with reputable retailers, such as Mountain Warehouse, Nevisport, Ultralight Outdoor Gear, Decathlon, and Cotswold Outdoors, further exemplifies its success and potential for future growth.

About Pure Clear Filters Ltd

Pure Clear Filters Ltd is at the forefront of the water hydration industry, thanks to its innovative water filter bottles. These products are designed to remove bacteria, parasites, viruses, PFOAs, and metals, making clean, safe water accessible to a broader audience. The company’s flagship product, the Pure Clear Active Filter Bottle, represents the pinnacle of its commitment to affordability and efficiency. By assembling products in the UK, Pure Clear Filters Ltd eliminates expensive import costs, ensuring that its water filter bottles are within reach of consumers seeking a reliable solution for clean water.

Since its launch in January 2023, Pure Clear Filters Ltd has experienced significant growth. Its products are now featured in several high-profile outdoor and sports retailers, a testament to the company’s appeal and the quality of its offerings. Customer and retailer reviews praise the effectiveness and affordability of Pure Clear Filters Ltd’s water filter bottles, reinforcing the company’s position as an innovator in its industry.

Achievements and Industry Impact

Pure Clear Filters Ltd’s contribution to the water hydration industry cannot be overstated. By making the most expensive outdoor water filter bottle affordable, the company has expanded its market reach and set new standards for product design and price points. This approach has resonated with consumers and retailers, leading to a significant increase in clients and customers within a relatively short period. The company’s success in securing partnerships with leading retailers underscores the market’s recognition of the value and effectiveness of its products.

The Global Recognition Award celebrates Pure Clear Filters Ltd’s innovative spirit and its pivotal role in transforming the water hydration industry. “Our goal has always been to make clean, safe water accessible to as many people as possible,” says Mike Rushton, founder of Pure Clear Filters Ltd. “This award reflects our team’s hard work and dedication, and it inspires us to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.”

Final Words

Alex Sterling of the Global Recognition Awards highlights the significance of this achievement: “Pure Clear Filters Ltd embodies the spirit of innovation and commitment to excellence that our awards seek to recognize. Their remarkable journey, from launching a groundbreaking product to achieving impressive sales and industry recognition in just one year, is a testament to their impact and potential. We are proud to honor them with a 2024 Global Recognition Award.”

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