Power Hero™: Empowering Every Apartment Dweller to Join the EV Revolution

Drive Electric, Charge Conveniently, Live Sustainably with Power Hero™
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In the wake of climate change and amidst a global push toward electrification, the call for EVs echoes louder than ever. However, there is a major obstacle that blocks this charge from going electric. Apartment Complexes. 

Unlike homeowners who can easily install private charging stations, those living in apartments frequently find themselves without convenient access to charging facilities, often having to rely on limited public stations that may not be readily accessible. Moreover, the majority of existing apartment buildings simply weren’t designed to handle the electrical demands of EV charging stations. Retrofitting these infrastructures not only presents technical and structural challenges but also necessitates substantial financial outlay. However, the landscape is gradually changing with the advent of innovative solutions aimed at making EV adoption smooth and feasible for individuals residing in apartments, ensuring that the path to a sustainable, green future is accessible to all. Esmond Goei, a seasoned engineer and serial entrepreneur with a 30-year track record of successful startups, established Power Hero™ in 2017 with a democratizing vision for bringing convenient EV charging to apartment dwellers.

Unveiling the Power Hero™ Journey

With climate change as a potent threat and government policies globally pushing towards electrification, the push for EVs has never been more crucial. Esmond Goei, an accomplished engineer and serial entrepreneur, with over 30 years of experience and numerous successful startups under his belt, founded Power Hero™ in 2017 to democratize EV charging.

The genesis of Power Hero™ reflects Goei’s foresightedness and commitment to sustainability. The team holds seven distinct patents, including those on cutting-edge AI, enabling them to offer unique and efficient solutions to EV owners living in apartments, where charging facilities are often sparse and inconvenient.

The Challenges Overcome

Power Hero™’s innovative journey was not without its hurdles. One of the primary challenges was acknowledging that a significant proportion of the population resides in apartments, many of which are not equipped to support EV charging due to their age and infrastructural limitations. Power Hero™’s relentless pursuit was to make EV charging at home not just a possibility but a convenient reality for this demographic.

Unique Approach: The Power Hero™ Advantage

Power Hero™ doesn’t just offer a product; it offers a solution meticulously designed to suit the lifestyle of its users. With climate change urging the masses to adopt EVs, the company has developed patented charging stations equipped with batteries. These stations ensure your EV gets charged while you are engrossed in your daily routine, without the need for any infrastructural changes to your residence.

Their unique product, the Cameo, is a testament to technological brilliance, capable of converting standard 110V from wall plugs to the 240V fast charging that EVs need, democratizing access to fast charging at home.

Defining Success: Client and Self

For Power Hero™, client success is synonymous with convenience. The firm believes that for EV adoption to be universal, it must be made convenient for everyone, including the 30% living in apartments. Hence, Power Hero™’s solutions are designed to be easily integrated into homes, with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency.

For Goei and his team, success is encapsulated in their ability to provide innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations, facilitating broader adoption of electric vehicles and contributing positively to the environment.

What’s Next for Power Hero™?

With a seasoned team boasting experience in managing start-ups and expertise in clean energy and IoT products, Power Hero™ is on a mission. The company is not just selling a product; it is unlocking the potential of the electric vehicle market, contributing to taking millions of combustion vehicles off the road, making our planet greener, and our future brighter.

With competition unable to replicate their patented technology and unique business model, Power Hero™ is looking ahead. The company is set to launch mPower, a mobile charging station ensuring EV drivers have access to power wherever they are – be it at home, work, or on the go.

Connect with Power Hero™

Power Hero™ is more than just a brand; it’s a movement towards a sustainable, electrified future where everyone can participate. With Esmond Goei at the helm and a suite of patented, game-changing products, Power Hero™ is set to revolutionize how apartment dwellers experience and engage with electric vehicles.

You can learn more about Power Hero™ and it’s innovative work by exploring their official website www.powerhero.com.


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