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Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/clap-board-roadside-jakob-and-ryan-CiUR8zISX60
Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/clap-board-roadside-jakob-and-ryan-CiUR8zISX60

Pietro is a 25-year-old Italian film editor. The right age to pursue dreams, even if it means leaving your native town and venturing into the pitfalls of important challenges that leave their mark on life. And he has chosen his own life. It is made up of images, sounds, and plots that presuppose inspiration and introspection, because “making movies” is exactly that. This is a concept that  Pietro internalized already during high school, when he was the official filmmaker of the class and then of the school, and which he then perfected through various work experiences in Verona, Italy, his hometown. 

Pietro Barba
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Yet he seemed destined for something completely different. He comes from a  family engaged in the medical field; his father is a well-known dermatologist, a  profession also embraced by one of his two sisters, while the other is an osteopath. The only artist in the family is his mother. Initially, he too was supposed to enroll in medicine, but he did not pass the admission exam and therefore chose to throw himself wholeheartedly into his passion for cinema. Now he lives and works in Los Angeles, where over the last three years, he has racked up a collection of awards and recognitions that have brought him into the spotlight in the glittering world of the American film industry. It’s hard to control a love, because we are naturally predisposed to nourish it and indulge it. Which, translated into simple words, means following the paths it charts, walking, even risking not knowing where they may lead. But he knows it. He has been living in  Los Angeles, the temple of cinema, for four years now.

Before taking the big step and going to the United States, he collaborated with the Italian broadcaster Telearena and later with Bentobox, an agency where he edited and filmed videos focused on the story of the Italian territory and its protagonists. But in 2018, he chose to leave this job and thus began the  “American story” of young Pietro. In the city of angels, he obtained a degree in filmmaking, where he deepened his love for editing and the process of psychological analysis of narrative fiction, all of which he put into practice in his first two short films. “Thanks to the editing of these two short films,” explains  Pietro, “I received many job offers. In one year, I worked on more than a dozen  short films for various directors in Los Angeles, many of which were awarded in  various competitions.” 

And here is where his talent is revealed. Looking at his list of achievements, it’s impressive to see the ratio between the number and prestige of awards won by the short films he has edited and his young age: winner as editor and best short film at the Global Film Awards; best short film at the International Cinema  Festival, the Oniro Film Awards, the International Independent Film Awards, the  Calcutta International Film Awards, the Cult Critic Movie Awards… an endless list. 

The full immersion in the world of American cinema has easily become his habitat, an ideal condition in which to develop his creativity.

In Los Angeles, Pietro has gathered ineffable experiences in the film industry. Starting as an assistant editor on various projects, he quickly became the lead editor for award-winning short films, commercials, and eventually, TV series and feature films. Currently, he is working in partnership with a multimedia company and a production house here in LA, while also editing, writing, and directing his own projects. 

“One of my goals and dreams,” he confidently replies, “is to create a post-production company, a team of experts dedicated to the realization of cinematographic works. For me, cinema is a means of growth, motivation, and rebirth”.

Email: pietrobarbafilms@gmail.com 

Instagram: @pietro_barba 

Website: pietrobarba.com


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