People First HR Services LLC Prioritizes Employee Mental Health for Sustainable Growth and Success

People First HR Services LLC
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By: Evgeny Kelikh

Olena Derkach, a seasoned professional with over 11 years of experience in Human Resources and Mental Health, is making waves in the HR industry with her innovative approach to employee well-being. As the founder of People First HR Services LLC, based in Florida, Derkach is reshaping the HR landscape by placing mental health at the forefront of her services.

In a world where businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of employee well-being, Olena Derkach’s journey to establish People First HR Services LLC has been nothing short of inspiring. With a background in Sociology, a Human Resources Management Diploma, and certifications from Canada and the United States, including the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of Canada (CPHR Canada) and Senior Certified Professional (SPHR-SCP) in the U.S.A, Derkach possesses a unique blend of expertise and experience that sets her apart in the field.

Derkach’s motivation to create People First HR Services LLC stems from a deep-seated belief in the need for a more holistic approach to HR services—one that prioritizes not only physical health but also mental and emotional well-being. She realized that the traditional HR model, which primarily focuses on recruitment, training, and compliance, was falling short in addressing the growing demand for mental health support within the workplace.

“Many companies have started to realize that employee well-being goes beyond physical health and extends to mental and emotional well-being,” says Derkach. “Human capital refers to the skills, knowledge, experience, and abilities possessed by employees. The health of this human capital is crucial for employers for a multitude of reasons. Employees who are mentally healthy are better able to handle stress, work collaboratively, and contribute creatively. Healthy employees are a long-term investment. The benefits of a healthy workforce compound over time, leading to sustainable growth and success for the company. By investing in human capital, organizations not only improve performance but also become more attractive to prospective employees, thereby enhancing their ability to recruit top talent.”

Derkach’s commitment to addressing the unmet need for mental health support in her community is evident in her journey. She currently holds the position of HR Manager at Trailblazers Life Choices Inc., a non-profit organization in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, dedicated to assisting people with special needs who have mental and physical disabilities. Additionally, since April 2023, she has been collaborating with Nataliia Noble, Founder and CEO of The VaiKai Center of Education and Mental Health in Washington, D.C. This not-for-profit organization focuses on mental health and learning for children and young people, aiming to provide support and guidance to help young individuals overcome anxiety when preparing for interviews and job opportunities.

Incorporating the “STEP” method into your organization’s approach to mental health is a comprehensive and proactive strategy. Derkach’s unique contribution to the HR field lies in her innovative “STEP” method for Mental Health Services in Human Resources, which she developed herself. The “STEP” method encompasses four key components.

Starting with ‘S’ for Strategy involves conducting a needs assessment to gain valuable insights into your organization’s current mental health landscape, paving the way for tailored support. It also includes the development of a clear mental health strategy, outlining objectives and milestones for targeted initiatives while ensuring legal compliance. Moving to ‘T’ for Training, the approach emphasizes the importance of educating both managers and employees, equipping them to recognize signs of mental health issues and respond sensitively. This also encompasses specialized skills training and anti-stigma campaigns to foster a supportive environment. ‘E’ for Engagement highlights communication through various channels, peer support networks, ongoing feedback loops, and collaboration with external experts to enrich mental health initiatives. Finally, ‘P’ for Prevention underscores the importance of a work-life balance culture, accessible mental health services, wellness programs, and early identification measures to proactively address employee well-being. Together, these elements form a holistic approach to promoting mental health and well-being within your organization.

As Olena Derkach developed her expertise and professional network throughout the years,  she is committed to creating a company with a “people-first” approach. The new venture will collaborate with psychologists, counselors, and other mental health experts. This partnership will allow the company to provide expert consultations and shape services that truly address the mental health needs of clients. By offering specialized services, People First HR Services LLC will not only deliver essential HR functions but also add a layer of care and expertise that leads to increased employee engagement, lower turnover rates, and, ultimately, a more productive and satisfied workforce.

In a field where competition is fierce, Olena Derkach is one of those who brings a new approach to the space. It is clear that her commitment to holistic well-being is driving positive change in the workplace.

In the years to come, as People First HR Services LLC continues to evolve and innovate under Mrs. Olena Derkach’s leadership, we can expect not only the company’s success but also a transformation in the way we view and prioritize mental well-being in the workplace. The future is indeed bright, promising a harmonious blend of employee satisfaction and organizational prosperity, all thanks to the remarkable expertise and passion of Olena Derkach.

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